TESOL, MA and Initial Licensure

Overview of Program

Program Curriculum for Master's Degree and Initial Teaching License

Those who would like to earn their initial teaching license and then continue with their program of study to earn a master's degree in TESOL may do so. Students would begin by applying for admission to Teacher Education. Assuming that the language requirement has been fulfilled outside of the program, completing both the teaching license requirements and the MA degree requires 58 credits of coursework, 19 of which must be at the 700 level, plus 12 credits of student teaching for a total of 70 credits.

Required TESOL Courses for the Teaching license, 27 credits:
ENGL 511 Intro. to Linguistics (may substitute ENGL 720 Educational Ling.), 3 credits
ENGL 520 Structure of English, 3 credits
ENGL 522 Acquisition of Language, 3 credits
ENGL 560 Theory and Methodology of TESOL, 3 credits
ENGL 573 Techniques in Tutoring: Practicum (may substitute TESL 779, Internship), 3 credits
ENGL 620 Pedagogical Grammar, 3 credits (Prerequisite: ENGL 520)
ENGL 675 Assessment and Testing in TESOL, 3 credits
TESL 765 Language and Culture, 3 credits
TESL 767 Teaching ESOL Reading, 3 credits

Required Language Study for the Teaching License, 0-14 credits
Candidates must have demonstrated proficiency in language study of a single foreign language, which can occur through two years of high school study, four semesters of university study, or other equivalent means of demonstrating proficiency in foreign language study.

Required Teacher Education Courses for the Teaching License, 16 credits:
TED 740 The Historical, Philosophical, & Multicultural Foundations of Ed., 4 credits
TED 745 Educational Psychology, 6 credits
SPED 530 The Exceptional Child, 3 credits
TED 428 Techniques of TESOL, 3 credits

In addition to these graduate-level courses, students will complete 12 undergraduate credits in student teaching (from TED 472/473/475, Student Teaching in Elementary Education/Middle School/and Secondary Education) and a certification portfolio as specified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. For more information on initial teaching certification, visit the Secondary Education web page.

Additional TESOL Courses Required for the Master of Arts Degree, 15-21-credits
ENGL 651 Phonetics and Phonology, 3 credits
ENGL 701 Writing, Reading, Presenting Research, 3 credits
ENGL 720 Educational Linguistics, 3 credits
TESL 763 Words, Meaning, and Vocabulary Teaching, 3 credits
TESL 789
Topics in TESOL, 3 credits
TESL 793 Plan B Paper, 3 credits, or TESL 799 Plan A Paper, 3 credits

ENGL 521 The English Language: History and Culture, 3 credits, or
ENGL 650 Non-Native Speakers in the Midwest, 3 credits, or
TESL 779, Internship (if not substituted for 573 above), 3 credits, or
ENGL 789, Topics in TESOL (repeatable with different topics), 3 credits

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