Secondary Education Degree

University and DPI General Education Requirements

Academic Specialization: 54-58 Total Credits
Option A - Departmental major and one minor
Option B - Two departmental majors

Approved Secondary Education Majors and Minors

Early Adolescence - Adolescence Programs, teaching ages 11-21 years.

Comprehensive Majors:
Broadfield Science Licensure: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Physical Science
Broad Field Social Studies
Broad Area English

Communicative Disorders - does not lead to licensing at the undergraduate level
Geology-Earth Science Certification

Dance Education
Earth Science-2
French - with an EA-A major
German- with an EA-A major
Health Education
Political Science-1
Spanish  - with an EA-A major
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  - with an EA-A major

Early Childhood - Adolescence Programs, teaching a variety of ages in school settings

Comprehensive Majors
Music (choral or Instrumental options)
Health and Human Performance
Agricultural Education

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Modern Language (French, German, and Spanish options)
Health Education

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) only with an EC-A Modern Language major
French - only with an EC-A Modern Language or TESOL major.
German - only with an EC-A Modern Language or TESOL major.
Spanish - only with an EC-A Modern Language or TESOL major.
Coaching - only with a Physical Education Major
Adapted Physical Education - requires a major in Health and Human Performance (K-12) education.

1-Cooperatives. Wisconsin law requires that teachers of Economics, social studies and agriculture complete adequate instruction in consumers’ cooperatives and cooperative marketing. Students in agriculture can satisfy this requirement by successful completion of AGEC 240 or 355. Students in Economics and social sciences can satisfy this requirement by successful completion of TED 433 or AGEC 240 or 355.

2-If you are interested in teaching economics, geography, history, political science, psychology or sociology, please see Social Science, Broad Field .

General Education Requirements

As listed for CEPS.
Coursework included in the professional sequence, major, minor or concentration may not be included in the general education component.

Department of Teacher Education

257 Walker Wyman Education

Geoffrey Scheurman-Chair, Susan Ahrendt, Tyler Christensen, Molly Gerrish, Tim Holleran, Angela Kaiser, Florence Monsour, David Pepi, Hilary Pollack, Gay Ward, Brenda Wright, Mary Wright

The degree curricula designed to prepare teachers for the secondary school, in either Early Adolescence - Adolescence (formerly grades 6-12) or Early Childhood - Adolescence (formerly K-12),  The program consists of a minimum of 120 semester hours that give the student a broad general education, specialized preparation in one or more academic fields and professional preparation needed for effective teaching. Specific course requirements are listed for each academic department preceding the departmental course descriptions.