School Psychology MSE

Degree Requirements for Master of Science in Education

Required Courses, 35 credits:
SPSY 622 Emotional/Behavioral Functioning: Appraisal and Intervention, 3 credits
SPSY 651 Diversity, Social and Cultural Issues, 3 credits
SPSY 701 Introduction to School Psychology, 3 credits
SPSY 745 Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention I, 3 credits
SPSY 746 Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention II, 3 credits
SPSY 747 Mental Health Issues, 3 credits
SPSY 795 Directed Research - Proposal, 2 credit
SPED 530 The Exceptional Child, 3 credits
COUN 612 Lifespan Human Development, 3 credits
COUN 732 Group Counseling, 3 credits
COUN 753 Counseling Theory and Skills, 3 credits
TED 747 Curriculum K-12, 3 credits.

Additional Program Information

Completion of a certification portfolio as specified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instructionlink.