Soil Science Minor

Choose from the following: 26 Total Credits
SOIL 120 Introduction to Soil Science 3 cr.
SOIL 250 SOIL 250 Soil Profile Descriptions 2 cr.
SOIL 311 Soil Fertility 4 cr.
SOIL 325 Hydric Soils and Wetland Environments 3 cr.
SOIL 350 Soil Development 2 cr.
SOIL 440 Soil and Water Conservation 4 cr.
SOIL 460 Soil Physics 3 cr.
GEOL 102 Introductory Geology Lab 1 cr.
GEOL 327 Geomorphology and Glacial Geology (writing intensive) 4 cr.

Department of Plant and Earth Science

324 Agricultural Science

Donavon Taylor-Chair, Jarod Blades, Jill Coleman Wasik, Holly Dolliver, Terry Ferriss, Allison Gale, Veronica Justen, Kerry Keen, Eric Sanden, Brian Smith, Pamela Weller, Ian Williams, David Zlesak