Professional Writing Minor

Professional Writing Minor - 23-24 credits

Required Courses 15 credits
*ENGL 251 Advanced Composition
ENGL 266 Business Writing
ENGL 270 Visual Rhetoric: Document Design and Graphics
ENGL 367 Technical Writing
ENGL 387 Technical and Professional Editing

*English majors may NOT double count ENGL 251 for this minor, but must take an additional appropriate course selected from ENGL 361, JOUR 370, JOUR 372, JOUR 269, JOUR 360, MARC 361, THEA 334.

Directed Electives: select three 8-9 credits
COMS 311 Persuasion
COMS 316 Organizational Communication
ENGL 320 Structure of English
ENGL 371 Proposal Writing: Change Through Rhetoric
ENGL 372 Practicum: Peer Tutoring and Writing Instruction
ENGL 374 Cyberliteracy and Writing on the Web
ENGL 379 Internship (2-3 cr.)
ENGL 389 Topics course in Rhetoric (Environmental Rhetoric, Contemporary Rhetoric) .
ENGL 482 Writing Seminar in Fiction and Poetry
JOUR 269 Feature Writing for Magazines and Newspapers
JOUR 320 Journalism and Public Opinion
JOUR 360 Opinion Writing
JOUR 270/ MARC 370 Public Relations Principles
MARC 360 Advertising

Department of English

245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Marshall Toman-Chair, Jennifer Brantley, David Furniss, Greta Gaard, Kathleen Hunzer, Annette Klemp, Steven Luebke, Mialisa Moline, Michelle Parkinson, Vladimir Pavlov, Kenneth Price, Joseph Rein, Catherine Ross-Stroud, Elizabeth Schneider-Rebozo,Douglas Margolis