Philosophy Minor

Philosophy Requirements, 24 Total Credits

Required Courses: 9 cr. hrs.
PHIL 221 Ancient Philosophy 3 cr.
PHIL 230 Logical Reasoning 3 cr.
PHIL 323 Science and the Philosophers in the Age of Enlightenment 3 cr.
Directed Electives: 15 cr. hrs.
Five additional PHIL courses

Department of History and Philosophy

307 Kleinpell Fine Arts

History: Zhiguo Yang-Chair, Ryan Fischer, Victoria Houseman, Kiril Petkov, Christopher Simer, David Varel and Thomas White

Imtiaz Moosa, Sergio Valverde and Walter Wietzke

Philosophical inquiry aims at uncovering, analyzing, and evaluating the fundamental values and assumptions implicit in various human activities and practices such as science, the arts, religion, morality, and social and political institutions. Its ultimate goal is to develop a coherent view of the world and our place in it. Philosophy focuses on sharpening the ability to analyze, reason, and write effectively.