Mathematics, MSE

Degree Requirements for Master of Science in Education in Mathematics

Students are required to take 24 credits (six courses) in core mathematics, six credits of course work in the College of Education and Professional Studies, and an independent research (Plan B) paper.

Required Education Courses, 6-7 graduate credits:
TED 760 - Methods in Research, 3 credits

Plus one of the following:
TED 740 History/Philosophy/Multicultural Foundations of Education in America, 4 credits
TED 750 Advanced Educational Psychology, 3 credits
TED 755 Social Issues in Education, 3 credits

Area of Specialization - Mathematics, 24 graduate credits:
The Mathematics courses are offered in two, consecutive four-week sessions during the summer. Classes are repeated every three years.
MATH 711 Geometry for Educators, 4 credits
MATH 726 Statistics for Educators, 4 credits
MATH 736 Discrete Math for Educators, 4 credits
MATH 751 Modern Algebra for Educators, 4 credits
MATH 756 Probability for Educators, 4 credits
MATH 766 Calculus for Educators, 4 credits

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