History Minor

Minor in History-Liberal Arts and Education 24 Total Credits

Minor Requirements
Required Courses: 12 cr. hrs.
HIST 101 Origins of Civilization, (supporting course)*, 3
HIST 102 History of the Modern World, 1500-Present, 3
*Required supporting course; credits apply in GEN. ED.
Choose ONE of the following courses in Non-Western History, 3
HIST 201 Introduction to Asian Civilization, 3
HIST 202 Introduction to Latin American Civilizations, 3
HIST 203 The Mediterranean: A Survey, 3
Choose TWO courses in U.S. History, 6
HIST 215 United States History to 1865, 3
or HIST 216 United States History from 1865, 3
and one of the following:
HIST 204 U.S. Immigration and Ethnic History, 3
HIST 205 Women‚s History: U.S., 3
HIST 206 Native Americans and the United States, 3
HIST 207 African American History, 3
HIST 215 United States History to 1865, 3
HIST 216 United States History from 1865, 3

Directed Electives: 12 cr. hrs.
Select four HIST courses numbered 200 or above

Department of History and Philosophy

307 Kleinpell Fine Arts

History: Zhiguo Yang-Chair, Betty Bergland, Ryan Fischer, Victoria Houseman, Kurt Leichtle, Kiril Petkov, Christopher Simer and Thomas White

Richard Horton, Matthew Meyer, Imtiaz Moosa and David Peters

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