Geographic Information Science Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science: 120 credits of which 60 credit hours must be at UW-River Falls

General Education/University Electives: 29-30 credit hours

Geographic Information Science
(30 Credit hours)

GEOG 250 Introduction to Cartography and GIS 3 cr.
GEOG 351 Map Design 3 cr.
GEOG 360 GIS: Theory and Methods 3 cr.
GEOG 365 Quantitative Techniques for Geographers 3 cr.
GEOG 368 Geoprocessing Techniques 3 cr.
GEOG 401 Senior Colloquium in Geography 3 cr.

Intermediate Directed Electives: 3-6 cr. hrs.
Advanced Directed Electives: 3-6 cr. hrs.
Electives: 3-9 cr. hrs.

Department of Geography and Mapping Sciences

344 Kleinpell Fine Arts

John Heppen-Chair, Ruth Baker, Mathew Dooley, Charles Rader, Matthew Millett


Pam Bowen
E-mailmail or 715-425-0633