Asian Studies Minor

Asian Studies Minor

Asian Studies Minor: 24 total credits

Required Core Courses: 15 cr. hrs.
CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II or JAPN 102 Beginning Japanese II 4 cr.
CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I or JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I 4 cr.
CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II or JAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II 4 cr.
HIST 201 Introduction to Asian Civilization 3 cr. (GP)

Elective Courses – Select any three courses: 9 cr. hrs.
ART 291 Asian Art History 3 cr. (GP)
ENGL 317 / FILM 317 Modern East Asian Literature and Cinema 3 cr. (GP)
GEOG 344 Asia and Oceana 3 cr. (GP)
HIST 336 Traditional East Asia Prehistory-1800 3 cr.
HIST 334 Modern China 3 cr.
HIST 335 Modern Japan 3 cr.
HIST 333 Silk, Spice, and Silver: The Making of the Global Exchange System to 1800 3 cr. (GP, MD)
MNGT 355 International Business 3 cr. (GP)
MKTG 355 International Marketing 3 cr.
PHIL 245 Eastern Religions and Islam 3 cr. (GP)
POLS 348 Politics of East Asia 3 cr.
HIST 371 Study Tour Research – China/Japan Study Tour 3 cr.

General Education
Required Supporting Course: 4 cr. hrs.

CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I
or JAPN 101 Beginning Japanese I 4 cr.

Department of Modern Language

284 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Kristine Butler-Chair
Cecilia Bustamante
Juan Carlos Chaves
Rebecca Raham
Magara Maeda
Nan Draeger
Julie Kovacic
Gretchen Toman
Daniela Goldfine
Lisa Showers

Sandra Soares
Peter Johanssen
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