Reducing Bias in Education
Data shows that American Indian and African American students are disproportionately represented in special education programs and discipline procedures involving suspensions and expulsions. This finding occurs in Minnesota and across the nation. In 1998, a committee convened to create A Vision for a Better Education: Reducing Bias in Special Education Assessment for American Indian and African American Students, a training manual for school professionals and caregivers aiming to reduce the disproportional representation of American Indian and African American students in special education. Now, fifteen years later, the manual is being revised, under a new committee, to reflect the current literature, data, and implementation of promising practices to address factors that contribute to disproportionate representation of American Indian and African American students. On this site, you will find revisions of previous content and new chapters for the manual, with hyperlinks to help you navigate to data, information, and areas of interest.


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The Link below contains the complete discussion of issues related to increasing fairness and reducing over-representation of American Indian and African American students. Topics discussed include school climate, support for American Indian and African American students, and assessment issues. The pdf document contains active links to other web pages to provide supporting materials.

Reducing Bias/Increasing Fairness In Special Educationdocument


The Individual Chapters follow in the recommended reading order:

Introduction: Review of Issues, Vision, Mission and Outcomesdocument

School Climate: Data and Culturally Responsive Educationdocument

American Indians & Alaska Natives Today: Culturally Responsive Educationdocument

African American Students: Culturally Responsive Educationdocument

Caregiver Engagementdocument


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