Apply to the School Psychology Program

Please review the following application requirements carefully:

Applications received and postmarked on or before January 15th  will be considered for program entrance the following fall semester. Applicants are encouraged to check application file status frequently by calling the Admissions Office at (715) 425-3500. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

To be considered for admission, applicants must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 (with 3.0 or higher preferred) and submit the following items. Hard copies of items 2 through 6 noted below (i.e., letter of interest, letters of recommendation, transcripts, conduct and competency review) must be mailed to the Admissions Office, at the address below, on or before January 15th. 

  1. On-line applicationlink
  2. A written letter of interest, using REQUIRED FORMdocument
  3. Three letters of recommendation, using LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION COVER FORMdocument
  4. OFFICIAL transcripts from ALL undergraduate and graduate schools attended (even if credits were transferred to your final school).  
  5. Conduct and Competency Reviewdocument
  6. $56 application fee (check made out to UW-River Falls)
  7. OPTIONAL: Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are NOT REQUIRED but will be considered, if official forms are submitted.

Mail to:

Graduate Admissions 
School Psychology Program Application
112 South Hall
410 South 3rd Street
River Falls, WI  54022-5001  

Important Application Reminders

An Admissions Office representative will organize a file on your behalf with all mailed materials along with a copy of your on-line application form. Final admission decisions are typically made by February 1st. Admitted applicants must notify the program of their intentions no later than April 15th.

The program faculty does not formally interview applicants. However, prospective students are highly encouraged to schedule campus visits or speak with a faculty member. Additionally, all applicants and prospective students are encouraged to attend one the department's open house events (usually held twice annually). Open House events include Q and A with the faculty and current students. Facility tours can be arranged. Prospective applicants to the School Psychology graduate program are highly encouraged to attend. For additional details, contact Dr. Scott Woitaszewskimail, Program Director for School Psychology.

Program Values Statement Regarding Diversity

The School Psychology Program supports a comprehensive Values Statement Addressing Diversity. The full version of the statement is available in the student handbook, located at: Abbreviated key points are as follows: 

  • The central value of the UWRF School Psychology Program encompasses respect for diversity, inclusion, and for ways of being different from one's own.    

  • This value coincides with ethical standards consistent with the field of school psychology as set forth by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the American Psychological Association (APA).  

  •  School psychologists must provide their services in a sensitive and responsive manner to the needs of all of their clients, including students, families, and colleagues, particularly in light of their various cultural identities.   

  • UWRF school psychology program candidates are expected to be open not only to learning about people from diverse racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds; national origins; religious, spiritual, and political beliefs; physical abilities; ages; genders; gender identities; sexual orientations; and physical appearances, amongst others, they are expected to be open to be informed by the experiences of others and to become responsive to the myriad of needs of  such persons they serve in the field.   

  • Consistent with professional and ethical duties, UWRF school psychology program candidates are expected to work with persons from diverse backgrounds different from their own, and they are not excused from such work based on any personal beliefs for whatever reason.


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