Certification Portfolio

Teacher Certification Portfolio Introduction

The UW-River Falls Education Unit certification portfolio is an ongoing reflective tool for students to demonstrate their professional competencies and development through course work and field experiences connected to the Wisconsin Educator Standards for Teacherslink. The certification portfolio is integral to fulfilling our mission of developing a commitment to the profession of education, guided by the UW-River Falls Education unit conceptual framework.

Certification Portfolio Description

The portfolio is a representative sampling of both artifacts (student work) and reflections as connected to specific courses and field experiences prior to student teaching or Communicative Disorders Practicum (Gate 1) and student teaching or Communicative Disorders Practicum (Gate 2). (See the Standards-based Matrix for each program).

NOTE: the portfolio assessment system is newly revised as of Fall 2011. If you began the program / portfolio prior to this date please read the Transition Plan.

In order to receive teacher certification, students must have successfully completed:

  • Required course work
  • Certification portfolio
  • PRAXIS II Test(s)
  • Student teaching or Communicative Disorders Practicum

The technology tool currently used for the UW - River Falls portfolio assessment system is Chalk and Wire. The Chalk and Wire account will be distributed in one of the following undergraduate courses (as required by your Program): TED 155, TED 120, AG ED 201, PED 161, COMD 275. Graduate students who begin an initial certification program starting in Fall Semester of 2011 will purchase their Chalk and Wire account as part of an orientation seminar. Students who completed one of these courses or started their graduate program before Fall Semester 2011 can purchase a Chalk and Wire account at the bookstore (prior to the start of Fall Semester 2011) or the CEPS Dean's Office (after the start of Fall Semester 2011).