Student Economic Society

SES (2013)


Open to all students who have an interest in economics. All majors are welcome and encouraged to join!

Meeting Times



  • Guest speakers
  • Video showings & panel discussions
  • Field trips
  • Group activities
  • Volunteer work in the community
  • Picnics & potlucks

Leadership Positions

  • President:  Amanda Buchanan
  • Vice President: Stephen Middlemiss
  • Secretary:  Melissa Heeren
  • Treasurer: Justin Stanger

Faculty adviser

Student Economic Society Picnic (May 3, 2013)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Economic Society (SES) is to encourage interest in economics by students, faculty and community members. We accomplish this by sponsoring panel discussions and hosting guest speakers to increase awareness of economic issues. Other activities SES engages in to increase interest in economics include visits to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis, bake sales and just having fun at picnics and potluck dinners.

MN Economic Association Conference - 2013

Minnesota Economic Association Conference
Hamline University
October 25, 2013

MN Economic Association Conference - 2013