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Internships in the College of Business and Economics provide you with valuable experience in the business world beyond the classroom experience and expose you to potential career opportunities. Internship site examples include Andersen Windows, City of River Falls, Menard's, Wells Fargo, Target Corporation, Edward Jones Investments, and numerous accounting firms.

Internship opportunities will be posted on the Internship Bulletin Board in the hall outside the CBE office (124 South Hall). Internship opportunities are also announced in upper level major courses, as well as listed on the CBE Updates D2L site. You may locate your own internships (but it must be approved by the appropriate department chair). Most internships are completed over the summer. For information on current internship opportunities, email cbe-interns@uwrf.edumail.

Spotlight on CBE Interns

Below you can read what some UW-River Falls students had to say about their internship experience.

Quotes from CBE Interns

"The coursework I have completed at UWRF has made my internship more successful than I had ever imagined... This has been an outstanding experience for me and I hope to stay in this line of work in the future."

"My decision to take part in this internship has given me a chance to explore what I have learned in my classes and to build on top of it with experience that I came across, giving me a head start on my competition... I am truly thankful that UWRF has put a high focus on college students to try internships. I honestly feel that every student should at least have one internship before they graduate."

"Overall, this was an excellent experience. I was able to put myself out there at a well-established company, impress them, and learn a lot from professionals in the course of three months... in the end, it was the best decision I ever made."

"Overall, I am ecstatic with the outcome of my internship experience. I am honored that I was given the opportunity to participate and am confident that this will benefit my future career upon graduation. I would highly consider doing internships in the future and appreciate the guidance from the internship department. Thank you for your help and patience."

"I learned a great deal about accounting in my courses at UW-River Falls, and combining that knowledge with hands-on experiences created a strong foundation for me to excel in my accounting career. I set four goals for myself at the start of my internship. I not only fulfilled those goals but exceeded them with the support of UW-River Falls and my supervisors... I feel prepared to graduate and begin the journey into my career as an accountant."

"This internship has given me the platform to grow and apply the information and theories I have learned in the classroom. This experience has helped me develop and grow... I believe this internship has added value to my education and to me as an individual."

"This internship was an amazing opportunity. I was able to learn a lot and apply my knowledge from the classroom and develop my accounting skills. I am grateful that the school participates in a program like this and allows students to receive credits for this opportunity. Thank you!"

"I never thought I could take so much from the internship... It was great being able to take so much away from the past three and a half months, and I know it will be helpful when I begin my full-time job search after graduation."

CSIS major Alyssa Ronquillo was an intern this summer at 3M. She was featured in the following video created by 3M about her experience.

Featured Intern - Mara Strand

Mara Strand_Intern Photo 1 (2)

My name is Mara and I plan to graduate in 2015 with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management. My marketing internship in the Alumni Office at UW-River Falls has been a great way for me to transition from college to working in my field.

My experience has been very valuable because I am working with professional staff just like I will after I graduate. I have been able to expand my network of both professional staff working in the field and other contacts who can potentially help me in the future.

My relationship as an intern working with experienced professionals in the field is different than working for a student manager; they are good role models, help me try new ideas, learn from mistakes and provide feedback on my performance. I've learned that I really enjoy going to work and most days would prefer to stay at work rather than going to class or back home.

This internship has been an invaluable stepping stone in my process of becoming a business professional. The internship process was easy to navigate and I had no problem getting started. Current students should definitely consider taking an internship because it will only benefit you in the long run. I had a wonderful experience in my position. Even if your experience does not go as planned, you will still have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Featured Intern - Emily Hancock

I am planning to graduate in 2015 with a B.S. in Computer Science so I decided to apply for an internship at Securian Financial Group in St. Paul before I graduated. This experience was so valuable because it gave me practical, hands-on experience in the real world and I was able to see how all the concepts that I learned in class could be applied to a larger project in the workplace.

I am positive that my college classes have provided me with the tools and background I need for success in a career. My computer science classes at UW-River Falls especially gave me an excellent foundation. This all helped me to excel in my internship at Securian Financial Group. The company was dedicated to my success and I honestly felt like a part of the company and not just a young intern. Co-workers collaborated with me a lot and it was a super friendly work environment. It was a very different experience than being a student in classes all day.

I truly think that all students should complete an internship because it really helps you figure out if you are on the right career path. Thankfully for me, I loved my experience. It only excites me more to continue my learning inside and outside the classroom and to jump into the computer science field after graduation.

Audrey Ternes, Internship Manager

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