Featured Intern
Anthony Golden

Anthony Golden says that a four year degree looks great on a resume and is essential when looking for a professional career in any field, but work experience outside the classroom in your field of study is what will make you stand out above other applicants. 

Anthony is a 2013 Business Administration-Management graduate who sought a management internship to gain this extracurricular experience. Because of his interest in retail and his love of the outdoors, he approached the store manager at Gander Mountain, for whom he had already worked part-time. 

Throughout his internship, Anthony applied his coursework to real world situations. Anthony's internship was also a valuable experience because it provided insight on what a management position entails when it comes to leadership and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced retail setting. 

In addition to helping him get a taste for what the real world has in store, Anthony believes that his internship was a key factor in helping him secure a job shortly after his internship ended. He says, "I'll probably sound like a broken record player on this one, but if you haven't done an internship, I encourage you to meet with the internship manager and find one that fits for you!"