Scott Ballantyne

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Biology

Training and Background:

2002- University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Department of Biology, River Falls, WI. Assistant Professor.

Research Project:PAB binding proteins in Xenopus laevis embryos..Experience: Establishing an undergradate research laboratory for studying protein:protein interactions and mRNA regulation. Implementing a research based molecular biology laboratory course to prepare students for careers in biomedical research.

1991-1998: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Department of Biochemistry, Madison, WI. Biochemistry Graduate student. (advisor: Marvin Wickens).

Research Project (PhD): Identification and regulation of trans acting factors responsible for cytoplasmic polyadenylation during Xenopus oocyte maturation. Experience: Recombinant DNA. Isolating and sequencing full-length cDNA. Protein biochemistry and immuno-detection. Isolation and analysis of endogenous and synthetic mRNA from frog oocytes.


1998-2002 University of Wisconsin – Madison, Department of Biochemistry, Madison, WI. Post-doctroral associate and Research Scientist. (advisors: Marvin Wickens and Judith Kimble).

Research Project:mRNA regulation during early development.Experience: as above, Identifying and characterizing RNA binding proteins using yeast two and three hybrid assays. Analyzing mRNA regulatory proteins using a tethered-function assay.

1988-1991: University of California – San Diego, Department of Biology, La Jolla, CA. Biology Graduate student. (advisor: Daniel Donoghue).

Research Project (MS):Biological effects of c-mos overexpression.Experience: Recombinant DNA. Transfecting DNA into cultured animal cells. Xenopus laevis oocyte and embryo manipulation. Preparing and microinjecting synthetic mRNA into frog oocytes and embryos.

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