Graduate Student Internships

Admission Criteria

We seek students with a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and interests. No particular undergraduate major is required or preferred. Personal, academic, and professional experiences in social justice, equity, inclusion, or diversity are valued. The program will consider applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • An undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.85 on a 4.00 scale (or a GPA of 3.00 in the last half of all undergraduate work; or a GPA of 3.00 for no less than 12 semester credits of graduate study at another accredited graduate school).

Students who do not meet the GPA requirement are still encouraged to apply. GPA is only one indicator of a student's potential; the department considers many other factors. Candidates who would like to discuss their application should contact

The GRE is NOT required.


Check out this short video about applying to the program. It will walk you through navigating the website and application process.

Step 1: Complete the SAA Program Application

This survey will ask you about your interests in the various program options (blended, on-campus, or online). You will mark the blended program as someone interested in working at UW-River Falls. More details related to all program options can be found on the UWL SAA page. You will also be asked about the types of graduate assistantships or internships you'd like to be considered for. You will also be asked to share reference contact information and to upload a current resume and personal statement (2-4 pages), responding to the following questions:

  1. Describe an important issue in higher education and its effects on students.
  2. Explain why you want to earn a master's degree in student affairs administration and why you are specifically interested in the SAA program.

You may choose to write about you're interested in the blended program or what specific areas of higher education you'd like to work in if you are seeking a graduate assistantship or internship.

If you would like to submit any updated information or expand/narrow the program type (blended, on-campus, or online) or positions you'd like to be considered for, please email us at

Step 2: Complete the UW System application

  • For more information on graduate admission to the university, visit UW-La Crosse Graduate Admissions.
  • The UW System application requires you submit an application fee and transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • We will invite students who complete the Program application (see above) to participate in our interviews, but any offers made would be conditional until the UW System application is also completed.

Selection Process

UW-River Falls recruits graduate students every two years. Our next cohort will start Fall 2021.

Students with completed program applications will be contacted no sooner than December 2020, and may be invited to interview with the program at:

  • Visit Day at UW-La Crosse
  • Visit Day at UW-River Falls
  • Oshkosh Placement Exchange in Oshkosh, WI
  • Virtually, as arranged between candidates, faculty, and, if applicable, assistantship or internship providers

Visit Days will include academic program interviews and assistantship/internship interviews. The Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE) allows students to apply for multiple positions, primarily, though not exclusively, in residence life. At OPE, we will conduct information sessions and program interviews for those who may be applying for positions at any number of institutions, including UWL, UWRF, or elsewhere.

Students are NOT required to attend Visit Day(s) or OPE in order to be considered for our program, as we will conduct interviews virtually, as needed.

Offers for positions may occur at any point after interviews.

Those applying for the online program will be asked to accept or decline offers by March 15, 2021. Those applying for the blended or on-campus program will be asked to accept or decline offers by April 15, 2021. Students can accept or decline before those dates, but no employer or program should pressure students to accept prior to those dates. The online program date is earlier because classes begin in May, and we need time to orient the final cohort prior to classes beginning.

Please direct any questions about the process to or to the M.S.Ed. Program Director, Dr. Tori Svoboda at

Blended (at UWRF)

The blended options at UW-River Falls started in 2013, and combines online education with in-person instruction. Classes take place in the traditional fall/spring academic calendar and students work in Graduate Student Internships at UWRF while taking SAA courses in online or blended formats. The next UWRF cohort will begin September 2019.

Contact Us

Cara Rubis
Director, University Center
& GSI Coordinator