What students need to know

Granting Access to Others

If someone other than you needs to receive information regarding your student account it is important to grant them access to your account. When that person calls our office or sends an email, our staff cannot release any private information without your consent.

How Students Give Others Access 

  1. Sign in to eSIS and click on your Student Center (this is in the upper left hand corner on the grey bar)
  2. Click Grant Access to Others
  3. After you read through the terms and conditions, click agree to move to the next page
  4. Enter the first and last name for the person you want to allow access to your account. This could be mom, dad, a brother, sister, grandparent, or even a cousin. Create a password for them. Their ID number is automatically generated by adding a S# to the end of yours.
  5. Click "Give Access" from the drop down box in front of each of the options that you would like them to be able to access

Following these steps will generate two automatic emails that will be sent to your UWRF email account. One will contain your designated party's information and login ID, the next will include their password that you created. Please forward these to the appropriate party.


For Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Cousins, and other designees 

Once your student grants you access, login at the same website that the students do. You will want to use the login ID and password that your student provided you. 

You may also call us, write us, or stop in and get information regarding your student's account. We are happy to help you help them, just let us know if you need anything.