What students need to know

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of Refunds

Credit balances occur when payments and/or financial aid exceeds tuition and fee charges.  UWRF requires students to sign up for direct deposit to ensure refund payments are received timely.  All students eligible to enroll will receive an e-mail from on or since May 15, 2017 with direct deposit sign up information including your Heartland Key.  UWRF has partnered with ECSI to provide refunding services. 

Students can access the ECSI website to sign up for direct deposit two ways.

Click on the link in the email from in your UW-River Falls email account.

Click on Direct Deposit Signup under Refund in the Finance section from your eSIS Student Center. 

Either way will bring you to a third party vendor (Heartland ECSI) that handles refunds for UWRF.

You will be requested to create a profile to set up your account for refunds, which will include a username and password in the registration field. 

Additionally, you will need to enter personal information, including your birthdate and security questions for verification.

It is recommended that you open another internet tab and open your UWRF email account.  You should have received an email with a Heartland Key that was provided to you on or since May 15, 2017 in a "Welcome" email from sent to your UWRF email account.

Select "Connect an Account"

Enter your Heartland Key and your UWRF Student W number, and then click on "Connect"

Select "Refund Disbursements", and then select "Info & Settings"

Select your delivery method as Direct Deposit, and fill in your banking information

UWRF requires all students to sign up for Direct Deposit of Refunds.  Your refund will be significantly delayed if you do not sign up for Direct Deposit of Refunds.  Direct Deposit of Refunds is the fastest, most efficient way to receive a UWRF refund.

Notify if you are unable to obtain a bank account to use for direct deposit of refunds.

Refunds are processed once per week, generally on Wednesdays by the student billing office.  Please allow 3 to 4 business days for the refund to be in your bank account after it has been processed by the student billing office.