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Financial Aid office hours 

Monday - Friday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm, closed on holidays.

Want to Meet with a Counselor?

Please see Appointments for more information

Receiving your Financial Aid and Refunds - how financial aid is paid to your billing account
Payments and scholarship checks

Can be brought to the Student Billing Office (226 Rodli Hall). Please see Payment Information for more details.

Check your eSIS To Do List

Log in to eSIS ( to view your To Do List. Click on the item to see which department is requesting information. For financial aid items, check out our Verification page to learn what it is, download requested forms such as a Verification Worksheet, and information on how to submit requested Tax Data. We encourage students and families to submit requested documents to us by email (, fax (715-425-0708), or by the U.S. postal mail. Please remember to include your student ID number (begins with a "w") on all documents.

Complete Your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

You must complete a FAFSA every year if you are interested in receiving federal and state financial aid: FAFSA application. When applying for FAFSA, you should only use

  • Pay attention to the year's application! There may be two applications open at one time. 2023-2024 is for Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024
  • Applying for J-Term (Winter) or Summer Semester Financial Aid?
    You will need to submit a FAFSA for the corresponding academic year (example: 2022-2023 is for Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Summer 2023) and then submit the UWRF J-Term or Summer aid form AFTER you have registered for your J-Term or Summer classes.
The 2024-2025 FAFSA is expected to open in December 2023. We will update our website when we have the exact date.

Learn more about FAFSA updates coming soon.

Explore Federal Student Aid's Educational Webinars and FSA Educational Videos
The U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, is the largest provider of financial aid for college in the United States. The Custom Outreach Group provides educational information about FSA programs, tools, and resources. Check out some of the videos now to prepare for the 2024-25 FAFSA:

Avoid Financial Aid and IRS Scams

Check out StudentAid.Gov for Information on Avoiding Student Aid Scams. Additionally, check out their page on How to Avoid Student Loan Forgiveness Scams. Remember, you NEVER need to pay anything to apply for financial aid. Always contact our office directly if you have any questions regarding anything you receive by mail or email.

The IRS does NOT send unsolicited emails to the public or with content that includes sensitive information. If you receive any phishing or scam emails appearing to be from "IRS Online" or containing an attachment labeled "Tax Account Transcript" or something similar, please do not open the email. Either delete it or simply forward it (without opening) to If using an employer's computer, the IRS asks the employee to notify his or her company of the email. For more details from the IRS, please see Report Phishing and Online Scams.

Current Financial Aid News:

Federal Direct Loan Interest Rates for 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 Annual Interest Rates for the Federal Direct Loan Program will apply for loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2023 and before July 1, 2024. All interest rates shown in the chart are fixed rates. A fixed rate will not change for the life of the loan. For more information on Federal Loan rates and fees, please see

Loan Type

Borrower Type

Fixed Interest Rate

Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans



irect Unsubsidized Loans

Graduate or Professional


Direct PLUS Loans

Parents and Graduate or Professional Students


Tuition and fee increases for 2023-2024

Financial aid offer letters from UWRF included an ESTIMATE of the 23-24 tuition and fee costs which were slightly less than was was approved by the Board of Regents. Please refer to your eSIS Billing Statement for your actual semester charges. You can view the updated cost of attendance used for the estimates at

Wisconsin Tuition Promise

This program is a new initiative launching in Fall 2023. Please see for more information on eligibility and program details.

The UWRF Scholarship Application is Now Open
  • New and transfer students starting fall 2024 may being applying for scholarships now.
  • Continuing students (currently enrolled) may begin applying November 15, 2023.
  • Most scholarships have a deadline of February 1, 2024, however dates may vary, for example Study/Travel Abroad Scholarships, Graduate Counseling, and the Chancellor's and Falcon Scholars Scholarships all have different deadlines. It's important to review the scholarship description for specific dates in the application site to ensure you apply in a timely manner. For more information and to log in to the scholarship system, please see UWRF Scholarships.
Apply now for the 2023-24 Tommy G. Thompson Scholarship

The Tommy G. Thompson Center on Pubic Leadership offers scholarships to undergraduate students at each of the University of Wisconsin System's four-year campuses. These scholarships are intended for undergraduates who have shown public leadership in their lives in a way that reflects the general legacy of Governor Tommy G. Thompson. Governor Thompson was a broad thinker who offered common sense soluations to tackle big problems through teamwork and an unending zeal to make our state a better place. This scholarhsip seeks high quality applicants who reflect Tommy's spirit, have demonstrated leadership during their time in college, and will continue to lead in the future. Please review the description and eligibilty criteria before applying.The deadline to apply is December 1, 2023.

Deferment is Over - Prepare for Repayment
  1. Confirm your student loan servicer: (log in with your FSA ID)
  2. Explore repayment options: and choose the federal student loan repayment plan that's best for you,
Grad Ready


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