Civil Liberties


UWRF promotes the study and discussion of civil liberties through educational activities such as discussions, debates, and forums; scholarly inquiry, including faculty, staff, and student projects; and community outreach.  This effort is housed in the UWRF Provost's Office, and financial support for these activities is provided by the Menard Center for the Study of Institutions and Innovation

Civil Liberties Grant

Applications for funding to support Civil Liberties activities are accepted on a continual basis, provided monies are available.  Approximately $6,000 is available for 2023-24, and monies should be spent preferably by April 1, 2024.  To be ensured of consideration for a specific academic year, applications should be submitted no later than October 15.  Proposals must be sponsored by a UWRF department.  Preference is given to proposals that involve the inclusion of multiple points of view, such as a speaker with a responding panel, or a debate between two or more speakers, or a series of activities providing views from a variety of perspectives. Preference will also be given to proposals from UWRF staff that identify additional UWRF departments and/or community organizations as co-sponsors.  Student and/or faculty and staff research activities may be supported, provided that the results are presented in a public forum.  Small grants to faculty may also be available to infuse Civil Liberties into either new or existing courses. Applications must be completed as one electronic document that is submitted to  Include "Civil Liberties Application" in the subject line.

Application Form

Involvement in Civil Liberties

The coordinator organizes periodic meetings of faculty, staff, and students who are interested in Civil Liberties issues.  If you would like to be included in the invitation list, email Wes Chapin.

Civil Liberties Symposium

The Center for the Study of Institutions and Innovation organizes an annual Civil Liberties Symposium at UW-Stout, typically during spring semester. UWRF will consider requests for support to cover mileage, parking, meals and incidental expenses from faculty, staff and students.  Contact Wes Chapin if interested.

UWRF Contact

Dr. Wes Chapin, Associate Provost
104 North Hall