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Returning to College

If you stepped away from college and are looking to return, let UWRF help. We have options that can help you return to classes and finish your college degree.

Re-entry Admission

If you voluntarily interrupted your university work and were in good academic standing when you left, you may apply for re-entry to UWRF. Please note that any financial obligations must be settled prior to registering for classes.

How to Apply

1. Submit the UW System application to be considered for re-entry and make sure you include a valid email address. (There is no application fee!)

2. If you’ve attended other institutions since your last attendance at UWRF, you must have official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office.

3. To be readmitted to UWRF, you must be in good standing and eligible to return to the institution you last attended (UWRF or another institution).

Special circumstances may apply to your re-entry to UWRF. See below for information on suspended students and our Academic Forgiveness Policy.

Re-entry applications for students who were suspended from UWRF and are seeking to be considered for re-entry are due August 15 for fall semester or 10 days prior to the start of the spring semester. Re-entry applications for undergraduates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine each student’s eligibility for re-entry.

You may apply for Academic Forgiveness at the time of your re-entry if you have not been enrolled at ANY institution of higher learning for at least five continuous years prior to readmission. Through the Academic Forgiveness Policy, UWRF provides an opportunity for the calculation of a new GPA for all subsequent coursework. To be considered, you must first complete the re-entry application. Once you have applied for re-entry, you will submit your completed Academic Forgiveness application to the dean of the college your major is housed in. If approved, the dean will forward your application to the Registrar’s Office.


Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Did you start your bachelor’s degree and never finish? Are you a working professional who needs flexibility? Our bachelor’s degree completion programs are specifically designed for working adults or adults with work experience. We accommodate your busy life by providing professional development classes, helping you turn your associate degree into a bachelor’s degree and recognizing the value of your work experience. We offer convenient class formats and personalize the admissions process to make your goals achievable.

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