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Returning to College

If you stepped away from college and are looking to return, we can help you finish your degree.

If you’ve already completed a degree at UWRF and want to come back

If you earned your degree with us and want to take a few more courses or earn a second degree, submit the UW System Application

If you stepped away before completing your degree at UWRF

Simply submit the Re-Entry Application. If you've taken any classes since your last attendance at UWRF, you'll also need to send an official transcript from any school you've attended. Graduate Students: Please submit the UW System Application.

Other Considerations

See below for additional information about our Academic Forgiveness Policy.


If you were suspended from UWRF and would like to return, you’ll need to:

1. Submit the Re-Entry Form by August 15 for fall semester or for spring semester 10 days prior to the start of the term.

2. Submit a typed letter of appeal to the college of your chosen major.

3. Make an appointment to meet with your Academic Dean. After your interview, your dean will follow-up with you when making a decision about your eligibility for re-entry.

You may apply for Academic Forgiveness at the time of your re-entry if you have not been enrolled at ANY institution of higher learning for at least five continuous years prior to readmission. Through the Academic Forgiveness Policy, UWRF provides an opportunity for the calculation of a new GPA for all subsequent coursework. Once you have applied for re-entry, you will submit your completed Academic Forgiveness application to the dean of the college for your major.