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Lauren Kortbein 

I always knew I wanted to study abroad during my college experience, but I didn't know where to go! After talking to my study abroad office, and hearing stories from people who had already been to Scotland, it seemed to be a good match for me! Only when I got to Scotland did I realize how right on I truly was! Dalkeith was the perfect city for me, because it was very similar to my hometown, Baraboo. It's a small city located not too far from Edinburgh, which is a bigger city full of fun things to explore! Before my study abroad experience, I was someone who was comfortable with how things were. I didn't push the envelope, and I stayed within my boundaries. Living in Scotland for 3 1/2 months was a great way for me to try new things, and realize how much more there is to get out of life! I love sharing my study abroad story, and will gladly advise anyone with questions!

Name:  Lauren Kortbein

Term/Year Participated in WIS:  Fall 2012

Major:  Business Administration


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