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Fall 2018

Participants in the fall program enroll in a minimum of 15 credits offered in a module format. In this format, courses are taught one at a time in three-week blocks. You'll enroll in only one course per module. The descriptions provided below indicate the module the course will be offered. The required Scotland: Society and Globalization course runs through the entirety of the semester on Monday evenings. Dates for the fall program can be found on our calendars page.

Course & Textbook Equivalent

REQUIRED: Scotland: Society & Globalization/Scottish Professor Gerry Mooney/3 cr.

Scotland: Society & Globalization is a wide-ranging course that explores different aspects of contemporary Scottish society. Locating Scotland in its historical and global contexts, the course focuses on many of the key social, economic, cultural and political issues that face Scotland today. It considers many of the ways that globalization can be said to be impacting on Scottish economy and society and take a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach. The course draws on sociology, social policy, social history and human geography. The course emphasizes the importance & usefulness of comparative and transnational comparisons for the understanding of developments in a particular national context. Comparisons between different aspects of Scottish and US societies will occupy centre stage; students will be required to reflect on points of similarity & convergence between US & Scottish/UK society.

Textbook(s): Textbook provided in Scotland; no purchase required.

Lake Superior State University: POLI 377/3 cr.

Murray State University (KY): SOC 465: Globalization; HIS 390: Special Topics

Normandale Community College: HIST Elective/3 cr. (5, 8)

UW-Colleges: GEN EL/General Elective/3 cr.

UW-Oshkosh: SS Elective 008U (SS)

UW-River Falls: WIS 305/Scotland: Society & Globalization/3 cr., Liberal Arts (HF), GE (GP)

UW-Stout: CAHSS 205/Scotland: Society & Globalization/3 cr.

UW-Superior: SOCI 201/Social Problems in Global Perspectives/3 cr. (Social Inquiry)

UW-Whitewater: LSINDP 999/L&S Interdisciplinary Elective/3 cr. (GI)

MODULE ONE: Introduction to Theatre & Drama-Edinburgh Festival Fringe/Ken Stofferahn/UW-River Falls/3 cr.

Students will study the values of the theatre arts in general culture, with an analytical consideration of the various elements of drama, the elements of physical contemporary theatre, and a brief historical survey to give perspective and understanding to today's theatre-goer.  Students will also explore the different types of International Theatre with focus on Scotland and England.  Students will be encouraged to create and participate in an improv group at Dalkeith.

Utilizing the Edinburgh Festival Fringe experience students will:

  • Attend plays at local venues and connect with local artists for workshops/lectures.
  • View different international types of live performance.
  • Explore the different artistic forms, styles and content of various forms of live performance.
  • Review and discuss the impact of performances on the audience. 
  • Acquire a vocabulary of theatrical terminology. 

Prerequisites: None

Textbook: In lieu of a textbook, students will be responsible for purchasing tickets to a Fringe performance of their own choosing. Online Readings will be provided on D2L 


Lake Superior State University: THEA 277/3 cr.

Murray State University (KY): THD104: The Theatrical Experience

UW-Oshkosh: THEATRE161/Appreciation of Drama/3 cr. (Hu)

UW-River Falls: SASA 105/Introduction to Theatre and Drama/3 cr. GE (HF) or SASA 389/Special topics in Theatre/3 cr.

UW-Stout: SPCOM 232/Introduction to the Theatre/3 cr. or THEA 300-Special Topics

UW-Superior: COMM 122/Theatre Appreciation/3 cr. (Art Appreciation) or COMM  377: Special topics in Theater/3 cr.

UW-Whitewater: THEATRE 100/Theatre Appreciation/3 cr.

MODULE ONE: Professional and Technical Communication/Joan Navarre/UW-Stout/3 cr. 

This course is an introduction to workplace communication and key professional and technical genres adaptable to a wide variety of academic and vocational disciplines.  Each August, Edinburgh, Scotland offers a kaleidoscope of communication situations: oral, written, and visual communication is used, often in clever and creative ways, to inform and persuade people to participate in specific festival events. Performers stand on the Royal Mile and talk to pedestrians; paper—posters, flyers, cards—appear on walls, buildings and buses; images multiply. Communication matters. Join us as we explore professional and technical communication in Edinburgh during the Festival Fringe!

Prerequisites: UW-ST: ENGL-102 or ENGL-112 or ENGL-113, or equivalent on home campus

Textbook: No textbook required, readings will be supplied via D2L 


Lake Superior State University: ENGL 277

Murray State University:

Normandale Community College:

UW-River Falls:ENGL 289-Special Topics in English: Professional and 
Technical Communication/3 cr. 

UW-Stout: ENGL 320-Professional & Technical Communication/3 cr.

UW-Superior: COMM

UW-Whitewater: COMM 999/Communication Elective

MODULE TWO: Principles of Tourism/Betsy Pudliner/UW-Stout/3 cr.

This course examines the scope, structure, and function of tourism as an industry and a sociocultural phenomenon. The course will look at industry components and the importance of maximizing costs to its stakeholders. Students will plan three trips around the country, study Scottish economic impact of tourism, and visit Scottish tourist attractions

Textbook: Goeldner and Ritchie's Principles of Tourism Charles R. Goeldner;J. R. Brent Ritchie
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Edition: 12th
ISBN 13: 9781118071779 (978-1-118-07177-9)
ISBN: 1118071778 (1-118-07177-8)

Lake Superior State University: BUSN 177

Murray State University:

UW-River Falls: MNGT 250/ Global Business & Society/3 cr., EC 

UW-Stout: HT 140/Principles of Tourism/3 cr., Global Perspecitve


UW-Whitewater: BEINDP 999/Business & Economics Interdepartmental Elective/3 cr.

MODULE TWO: The Short Story/Kathy Steffen/Ridgewater College/3 cr.

This course explores the short story as a literary form and its development. From its beginnings in oral traditions, to its conscious formulation in 19th Century America, to its continued metamorphosis in the 20th Century. Primary emphasis is placed on reading, discussing, interpreting and writing about short stories. 

While a broad sweep of short stories will form the framework for this class, Scottish short stories will take center stage.  Students will visit literary spaces, such as the Writers Museum, the Scottish Storytelling Center, and—if possible—the Edinburgh International Book Festival, to gain a personal sense of Scotland's literary culture.  The library at Dalkeith will provide opportunities for students to explore Scottish authors on their own and for class discussions, book tours in Edinburgh will allow students to walk in the steps of great Scottish authors and hear more about their contributions to and reflections of Scottish culture, and trips to author readings will help students understand why Edinburgh is a City of Literature.

Prerequisites: While a composition course would be useful for writing assignments, students are not required to have completed their composition requirements before registering for this course. 


Online readings will be provided via D2L. Additionally, students will be responsible for setting up an account with Open Library (

Lake Superior State University: ENGL 277

Murray State University:

Normandale Community College:

UW-River Falls: ENGL 231/The Short Story/3 cr.



UW-Whitewater: ENGLISH 9999H/English Elective/3 cr.

MODULE TWO: British History/Scottish Professor /3 cr./Ian Donnachie and Dan Bochman

This elective course for students on the Experience Scotland program is an introduction to Scottish history from early times through to the nineteenth century. Students will study a range of political, social and cultural factors which have shaped the history of Scotland, as an independent nation and as part of the United Kingdom. These will include: the development of a kingdom, the Wars of Independence, the role of the church, the dramatic events of Mary Queen of Scots' reign, the Union of Crowns, witches and witch hunting, the Civil War, Union of Parliaments, the Jacobites and the Highland Clearances and students will be able to experience and contextualize the material covered in the course during their time in Scotland.

Textbook(s): Textbook provided in Scotland; no purchase required.

Lake Superior State University:  HIST 277/3 cr.

Murray State University (KY): HIS 410: Modern Britain

Normandale Community College: HIST Elective/3 cr. (5, 8)

UW-Colleges: HIST Elective/3 cr.

UW-Oshkosh: History 008/3 cr. (SS)

UW-River Falls: WIS 200/British History/3 cr., Liberal Arts (SB)

UW-Stout: HIST-345-0S1/Modern British History/3 cr.

UW-Superior: HIST 289/Special Topics: British History/3 cr. (Humanities/History)

UW-Whitewater: HISTRY 999/History Elective/3 cr.

MODULE THREE: Tourism, Culture & Place/Betsy Pudliner/UW-Stout/3 cr.

Examines impacts that tourism has on diverse cultures; the influence of visitors' expectations on underrepresented local peoples, and the cultural and racial effects of tourism. The course explores the consequences of stratified public policies, individual transformations to meet visitor demands and strategies to mitigate exploitation and negative place transformation. This course will utilize students' experience as tourists in Scotland to experience cities and culture. Students will keep a journal, visit historical sites to note changing cultural landscapes, and learn from various guest speakers.

Textbook: Wearing, Stevenson, and Young (2012), Tourist Cultures: Identity, Place, and the Traveler, and Du Cros and McKercher (2015), Cultural Tourism  ISBN: 0415833973 / 9780415833974 


Lake Superior State University: BUSN 277

Murray State University:

Normandale Community College:

UW-River Falls: MNGT 389/ Special Topics in Management: Tourism, Culture & Place/3 cr.

UW-Stout: HT 375/Tourism, Culture & Place/3 cr., Racial & Ethnic Studies


UW-Whitewater: LSINDP 999/L & S Interdisciplinary Elective/3 cr.

MODULE THREE: Intercultural Communication/Kathy Steffen/Ridgewater College/3 cr.

An introduction to communication among people from different cultures. This course explores the relationship between culture and communication, gaining an intellectual framework to understand cultural patterns, verbal and nonverbal codes in intercultural interpersonal relationships. Attention is given to obstacles to and skills for competent intercultural communication.   Students will explore their Scottish surroundings while figuring out how to find their way somewhere, engage with locals, and take part in cultural events (e.g., dance lessons, cooking lessons, restaurant and museum visits, perhaps a lecture at the Institute for International Cultural Relations); students will also reflect on and make sense of their experiences along the way.  

Prerequisites: N/A

Textbook: Students will use intercultural communication textbooks located in the Dalkeith library; supplemental materials will be posted on D2L.

Lake Superior State University: COMM 277

Murray State University:

Normandale Community College:

UW-River Falls: COMS 213/Interculutral Communication/ 3 cr.

UW-Stout: COMST 312/Intercultural Communication/3 cr.

UW-Superior: COMM 167

UW-Whitewater: COMM 424/Intercultural Communication/3 cr.

MODULE FOUR: Scotland: Heritage & Culture/Scottish Professor Gerry Mooney/3 cr.

Explores a number of different themes which will be of interest to students - and which will tie in with other aims of widening the opportunities for external engagement for many of the students including: Exploring Scottish Cultural Traditions, Heritage: Exploring the 'Scottish Brand', Exporting Scotland, and Sport & Society in Modern Scotland. Just as there are multiple America's, dependent upon the traditions, beliefs, expectations, and cultures that developed in each area, multiple Scotland's exist. By understanding the heritage/culture of Scotland, students will be able to see how society is structured today as well as see the reason for debates about the direction Scotland will head in the future.

Textbook(s): Textbook provided in Scotland; no purchase required.

Lake Superior State University: SDGE, Cultural Diversity General Education/3 cr.

Murray State University (KY): HIS 390: Special Topics-Scotland

UW-Oshkosh: SS Elective 008U (SS)

UW-River Falls: WIS 310/Scotland: Heritage & Culture/3 cr.

UW-Stout: CAHSS 210/Scotland: Culture & Heritage/3 cr.

UW-Superior: ANTH 289/Anthropology Elective/3 cr. meets general education requirement: World Languages, Cultures, Philosophy

UW-Whitewater: ANTHRPL 999/Anthropology Elective/3 cr.


MODULE FOUR: International Convention and Meeting Management/Betsy Pudliner/UW-Stout/3 cr.

This course will investigate the process and procedures to plan for meetings in other countries. Students will utilize their Fringe experience earlier in the semester to understand the roles and responsibilities of professional hospitality meeting planners.

Prerequisite: take HT 351, Hospitality Convention/Meeting Planning (3 cr.), HT 344, Hospitality And Tourism Marketing And Sales (3 cr.) The prerequisite may be waived with consent of professor.  Please contact to discuss.  


Lake Superior State University: BUSN 377

UW-River Falls: MKTG 389: Special Topics in Marketing: International Convention & Meeting Management/3 cr.

UW-Stout: HT 447/International Convention and Meeting Management/3 cr.


UW-Whitewater: BEINDP 999/Business & Economics Interdepartmental Elective/3 cr.

MODULE FOUR: Creative Writing/Kathy Steffen/Ridgewater College/3 cr.

A study of imaginative writing in several genres. Students will share their work in non-evaluative critique sessions. For part of the course, students will be encouraged to pursue their particular creative interests in areas such as poetry, fiction, children's literature, and non-fiction.

Students will explore spaces, such as Mary King's Close, Royal Botanic Garden, Scottish Poetry Library, and the grounds of Dalkeith House, for inspiration and practice of both fiction and nonfiction writing. During our time together, students will embark on a journey Benjamin Franklin encouraged his contemporaries to take: to "write something worth reading or do something worth writing about," a charge as relevant today as it was when Franklin said them.  By the time students depart their beloved home in Scotland, however, they will do both: "do something [AND] write something."  In the end, students will take home with them a chapterbook of class writings that reveal Scotland through their class colleagues' eyes and a chapterbook of their own writings that capture the experiences they will never forget.

Prerequisites: N/A

Textbook: No textbooks are required for this class. Any required reading materials will be accessed via Internet and posted on D2L

Lake Superior State University: ENGL 277

UW-River Falls: ENGL 262/Creative Writing/3 cr.

UW-Superior: WRIT 250/ Introduction to Creative Writing/3 cr.

UW-Whitewater: ENGLISH 274/ Creative Writing/3 cr. 

MODULE FOUR: Physical Activity Behavior/Faye Perkins/UW-River Falls/3 cr.

The emphasis in this course is on understanding physical activity behavior and the types of interventions that are useful in promoting physical activity. 

Most of us understand the health behaviors that we should be following (i.e., getting regular physical activity, following a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, flossing your teeth, getting enough sleep, wearing a bicycle helmet, drinking water, etc...) but may find it challenging to do so. In this class, we study a variety of theories and motivational strategies related to behavior change in order to help each student understand how they can apply these theories to their personal lives. Some of the theories studied in this class include:

  • Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • Value-Expectancy
  • Theory of Planned Behavior and Theory of Reasoned Action
  • Social-Ecological Theory of Change
  • Social Efficacy
  • Self-determination
  • Postive/Negative Reinforcement

The application of theories in this class goes beyond physical activity and applies to making change in any area of your own life, such as study habits, time management, quitting smoking, stress management, losing weight, setting SMART goals, etc. 

Textbook(s): TBD

Lake Superior State University: 

Murray State University:

Normandale Community College:

UW-River Falls: PED 375/Physical Activity Behavior/3 cr.



MODULE 2, 3, OR 4 (semester-long course, but with an emphasis in one module): Career Exploration in an International Setting/Onsite course mentor (Resident Director of Academics)/3 cr.

Career Exploration in an International Setting provides a framework that combines aspects of independent study and internship to facilitate the development of a deeper understanding of your field of study and future career aspirations in general, but also beyond the borders of the United States.  You will utilize a combination of job shadowing, informational interviews, online and local resources, and independent research to build a network within your field, and to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity and breadth of career possibilities within your field.

This course is driven by the students' interests and curiosity about their chosen field. Students will actively pursue interviews, networking opportunities, and lines of inquiry independently. Independent research and reading must be undertaken by students. Course Mentors will provide guidance, feedback, suggestions and advice, and challenge students to delve deeper and ask questions.  Course Mentors will assist in making initial contacts at the beginning of the semester, however, students must be self-directed and willing to make contacts and engage outside of their 'comfort zone'.

Course Competencies 

  • Explore your field of study in Scotland 
  • Develop intercultural communication skills
  • Implement networking contacts in your chosen career field 
  • Develop the ability to be self-directed
  • Evaluate career possibilities within your field of study
  • Document experiences in chosen career field

Lake Superior State University: SERV 277

UW-River Falls: WIS 279/Career Exploration in an International Setting/3 cr.

UW-Superior: IDS 297/Exploring Majors & Academics/3 cr.

UW-Whitewater: LSINDP 999/L & S Interdisciplinary Elective/3 cr.

OPTIONAL FULL-SEMESTER COURSE: Walking/Faye Perkins/UW-River Falls, (1/2 cr.)

This is a lifetime activity course to develop cardiorespiratory fitness,emotional & psychological benefits. The course will include walking trips throughout Scotland to locations such as Dalkeith Country Park, Roslin Glen, Musselburgh, the Borders, and Edinburgh.

A required full-day walking trip will be scheduled for Friday, September 21. All other walking trips will be scheduled throughout the semester.

Lake Superior State University: RECA 177

UW-River Falls: PE 104, (1/2 cr.)


UW-Whitewater: PEGNRL 183/Exercise Walking 

OPTIONAL FULL-SEMESTER COURSE: Ceilidh Dancing/Faye Perkins/UW-River Falls, (1/2 cr.)

This is a lifetime activity course to develop cardiorespiratory fitness,emotional & psychological benefits. The course will include attending ceilidh dances, both at Dalkeith House, and in the community. The cours ewill also incorporate guest speakers on Scottish dance traditions.

Students will be required to attend ceilidh dancing at Dalkeith House the evenings of September 11 and 13. All other dances will be scheduled throughout the semester.

Lake Superior State University: RECA 177 

UW-River Falls: PE 289, (1/2 cr.)


UW-Whitewater: PEGNRL 999/Physical Education General Elective


Meet the fall 2018 faculty

Joan Navarre

Joan NavarreJoan Navarre, PhD, UW-Stout, Department of English and Philosophy

Joan is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  She teaches writing, literature and film studies.  She also serves on the board of trustees for The Museum of Soho, London (   

Her devotion to Great Britain began when she was an undergraduate:  She enrolled in the St. Cloud Centre for British Studies and lived in Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter's castle, near the Scottish/English border) for a full academic year.   Joan loves teaching, experiencing live theatre and introducing students to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  She is looking forward to the Experience Scotland program (Fall 2018)!

Ken Stofferahn

Ken StofferahnKen Stofferahn is a Professor of Stage and Screen Arts at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls.  Ken teaches courses in Design and Technology, Film and Management.  Ken serves as Designer and Technical Director for University Theatre.  Ken's directing focus is on Improvisation and has develop three original productions. Over the years, Ken has been the Designer and Artistic Director for St. Croix Valley Summer Theatre, Director of Theatre for UW – River Falls and Coordinator for the International Traveling Classroom.

Ken's has been actively involved in international teaching for many years.  He spent a semester teaching in the WIS Program, three semesters as Group Leader for the International Traveling Classroom, and two short term courses with ITC.  He has worked on mission trips to Tanzania, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. He is active in professional organizations such as the United States Institute of Theatre Technology and the American College Theatre Festival.

Ken joined UW – River Falls in 1987 after teaching at Virginia Tech University and Carthage College.  Ken's undergraduate degree is from South Dakota State University and has an M.F.A. degree in Design from the University of Virginia.

Ken lives in Hudson, WI with his wife Pam who is an ELCA Pastor in White Bear Lake, MN and the cat.  His son, Hunter, is an Electrical Engineer in Portland, OR.  Ken enjoys skiing, biking, kayaking and golf in his leisure time.

Kathy Steffen

Kathy J. Steffen, Ed.D., Ridgewater College, Departments of English and Communication Studies

For the majority of her teaching life, Kathy has taught English and Communication Studies courses to students of all ages and backgrounds at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson, MN; occasionally, she teaches courses in the graduate literacy program at St. Cloud State University and supervises SCSU teacher candidates. Even though she visited Scotland several years ago, she is particularly looking forward to exploring this wonderful country with her students who will surely offer fresh perspectives on their shared experiences.

Kathy counts among professional highlights a Fulbright Scholarship to Ukraine, where she taught undergrad and graduate teacher candidates how to teach writing (in English) and deeper reading (of English) to their own students; a teaching appointment in Costa Rica, where she helped American students write about their experiences through poetry and vignettes; a learning abroad trip to Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, where students visited sites they read about in their literature class; board of director membership for Workabilities (an organization devoted to supporting adults with different abilities in Golden Valley, MN) and board chair for the Affiliated Building Company (an organization dedicated to supporting the facility needs of New Century Charter Academy in Hutchinson, MN); and, most recently, the role as co-coordinator of the Education for Global Learning Costa Rica study-abroad program for a Minnesota State consortium of colleges and universities.

When she's not teaching or traveling, Kathy and her husband love to sail their boat on Lake Superior, work on building projects (yes, she knows how to use every saw they own), and enjoy coffee on the deck (weather permitting) to watch the birds and wildlife that call their backyard home. Even though her husband would love to spend the entire semester in Scotland, someone has to stay home to feed the cats: Mac, Houlie, and Charlie. He and other family and friends do plan to pop in for their own Scottish experiences they'll surely long remember.

Betsy Pudliner

Betsy A. Pudliner is an Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism at the University Betsy in Scotlandof Wisconsin-Stout. 

Dr. Pudliner brings 30+ years practical experience in the tourism industry and theory to the classroom.  Her course load revolves primarily around tourism and event planning.  She loves immersing students in their educational environments, using reflective practices to aid understanding and illustration of theoretical points.  Scotland is the birthplace of modern, organize tourism, and she is passionate about all things Scottish.

She has traveled to 46 of the continental US states and lived in Scotland for 6.5 years during her tenure as a Ph.D. student at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland. Her research interests focus on tourism, technology, and relationship management. They include marketing, branding, e-Marketing, e-Branding, e-Tourism, value chain management, and consumer behavior.  Her focus region is Scotland.  

Dr. Pudliner is passionate about her hobbies.  She is an avid photographer, receiving her first camera at nine years of age.  Her Betsy Pudlinerphotographs have been featured in several international publications, in restaurants, and on travel websites.  She loves to create digital art and compose poetry.  Her late father, Ernest, passed on a love for history and uncovering the family genealogy.  In her research, she has found several connections back to prominent figures in Scottish, Welsh and English history.  Dr. Pudliner is working on her first novel in the genre of historical fiction based on her love of Scottish and English history. 

She can’t wait to return to Scotland in Fall, 2018 and show students all the unique places of Scotland.   

Faye Perkins

Faye Perkins, PhD, Professor, UW-River Falls, Department of Health & Human Performance

Faye and her husband, Joe McIntosh, are excited to be returning to Scotland for another semester of living and learning with everyone in Dalkeith Palace.  Faye’s previous experiences in Scotland have prepared her to help guide her students to experience Scotland in unique ways though ceilidh dancing and trekking through the beautiful Scottish landscape.  There’s no better way to get to know the country that will steal your heart forever.

At UW-River Falls, Faye has taught many health and physical education classes, as well as serving in several administrative positions and coaching the UWRF softball team for 22 seasons.  She believes in getting to know her students on a personal basis and engaging them in interactive classroom activities.  Don’t expect to sit still for very long in her classes!  

Faye has also taught in China two different semesters and enjoyed hiking in the beautiful Chinese mountains and learning Tai Chi with her students.  Joe and Faye are avid outdoors people and love to hike, camp, canoe/kayak/raft, downhill ski, and travel.  Their two sons, Paul & Bobby, were lucky enough to live in Dalkeith Palace three different semesters, which had a huge impact on the rest of their lives.  Faye and Joe are ready for another life-changing semester in Scotland and look forward to experiencing it with you!

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