Scotland Cliff OceanThe Wisconsin in Scotland (WIS) program offers a limited number of unpaid internships for students accepted for the fall or spring semesters. A Resident Director of Academics works closely with you to find an internship experience that suits your needs and talents, however, applicants should realize that the location and work involved with these internships can not be guaranteed at the time of application. Internships can be obtained for a maximum of six credits. Students will be required to carry additional credits to maintain their status as full time students. The internship program will be jointly administered by the Resident Director of the Academic Program in Scotland, the WIS Administrative Office at UW-River Falls, and the Office of International Education/Programs on the student's home campus. Below are guidelines for students who wish to apply for an internship in Scotland.

Note: UK immigration law requires foreign students who will be pursuing any type of work experience/internship (paid or unpaid) to secure a student visa. A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that country. If you are planning to participate in the internship program, it is your responsibility to secure a student visa from a British Consulate in the United States prior to the start of the program. Securing a visa can be a lengthy process; therefore, it is recommended that you begin the process early as it can take time to gather the required documentation. As visa requirements and application procedures can change rapidly, you are encouraged to read the UK Border Agency guidance regarding Tier IV Adult Student Visas at following website: Guidance on application for UK visa as Tier 4 student

Students applying for a Tier IV visa from the UK government will require a sponsor letter from the Wisconsin in Scotland program. Several weeks prior to the program start date, you will receive your sponsor letter signed by the Resident Director of Operations. This letter will assist you in completing your visa application and needs to be sent along with your visa application.

You need to follow the application instructions very closely and provide all requested documents. It is important to note that you need to show your ability to maintain yourself financially for the period of time you will be in Scotland. The UK Border Agency requires funds to be in your account or your parents' account for at least 28 days prior to your application. If you are taking out loans, you need to get official letters confirming those funds.

For additional information regarding the visa application process, click visa. To complete the Tier IV online application, click here (students from the US are only allowed to apply for visas online). If you would like to review the questions on the application forms prior to completion of the online application, click form and then self-assessment for the second form.


  • Student completes a WIS Internship Application online.
  • Student finds a faculty mentor in the appropriate department to mentor and evaluate their internship experience.
  • Student meets with the Department Chair to determine how the credit will be awarded.
  • Student works with their faculty mentor/appropriate department and follows the correct procedures for on-campus registration of their internship.
  • Student submits their complete internship application online along with the $200 internship application fee made payable to the WIS Program. Complete internship applications must be received before the end of the previous semester. 
  • After arrival at Dalkeith House, the student works with the Resident Director of the Academic Program to set up a site interview.
  • If accepted by an employer, the student works with the Resident Director of the Academic Program to outline the job description, learning objectives and tasks to be completed to achieve each of these objectives. The Resident Director of the Academic Program forwards this information to the faculty mentor.
  • The student will be required to submit progress reports to the Resident Director of the Academic Program who forwards them to the faculty mentor.
  • At the end of the internship, the student will make sure the employer completes the Employer Evaluation Form and returns it to the Resident Director of the Academic Program who will forward it to the faculty mentor.
  • Student will complete the Student Evaluation of Work Assignment Form and return it to the Resident Director of the Academic Program who will forward it to the faculty mentor
  • The faculty mentor will receive a campus grade report form and assign a final grade for the internship based on their evaluation of the student's learning objectives, progress reports, employer's evaluation, and the Resident Director of the Academic Program's comments.