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 Elaina Barr

One thing I learned while abroad:  I learned how to be responsible and plan a trip. In the past I had never before been the one to take the initiative to plan things. As I settled into Dalkeith I quickly realized that if I wanted to do anything, I would have to plan it myself. It's intimidating at first but once I got the hang of it and learned from my mistakes from the first few times, it became like a second nature. Before long you learn how to get to where you want to go, how to pack, and how to budget your money and time. You also learn how to do all of this on your own.

One piece of advice I would give to future WIS students:  Never waste time. When I first got to the house, everyone told me that life would go by fast and it was hard for me to believe-especially after that awful long plane ride! Sadly, like most words of wisdom, they were right; time flew by in a blur! My main advice therefore is to budget your time wisely. You plan what you want to do and do not let your friends hold you back. If you want to see a play, but none of your friends do, go alone! It might feel strange at first but you will not regret doing something you wanted to in the end. Another piece of advice is to be open-minded! Sure haggis does not have the best reputation, and sure you have never hiked a day before in your life! I promise you, you will tell the stories about the new and interesting things you did rather than of the days you sat at the palace with a cheese sandwich. There is always something to do for any price range so keep your mind as open as your eyes and you will find countless new stories to tell.

Name:  Elaina Barr

Term/Year Participated in WIS:  Spring 2012

Major:  English

Minor:  Media Arts and Game Design


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