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I decided to study abroad after a graduating senior told me "my biggest regret of my college experience here at UWRF was not taking advantage of the Experience Scotland program". The next day I stopped by the Global Connections Office, started my application process, and the rest is history! I am so incredibly grateful to have spent a semester in Scotland. I decided to put my passion for this program to use through becoming an Ambassador in order to encourage other students to take a leap of faith and go abroad!

The most significant lesson I learned while in Scotland was the art of exploration. Whether it was taking a midday walk around a quaint neighborhood in Dalkeith or traveling to the highlands on a long weekend, there is always a possibility to explore your surroundings. Through exploration, knowledge is gained that would not have been gained otherwise. The academic and experiential knowledge that I obtained during the spring semester of 2013 has been used and will continue to be used throughout my life, long after leaving the Dalkeith House. Some of my favorite days in Scotland were the days when I would go explore Edinburgh independently. I was able to learn more about myself through these experiences than any self-assessment test I have taken. The growth I saw in others and myself after three short months is invaluable and I would recommend Experience Scotland to anyone considering studying abroad!

Name:  Courtney Trattles

Term/Year Participated in WIS:  Spring 2013

Major:  Business Administration

Minor:  Marketing


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