How Much Does It Cost?

The Experience Scotland program fee for either Fall Semester 2015 or Spring Semester 2016 is 8,500*.  The fee for either semester program includes tuition, shared rooms, meals (15 per week) while school is in session at British Pound Dalkeith House, bus pass, CISI insurance and official field trips.

The Experience Scotland undergraduate program fee for Summer 2016 is contingent upon the number of courses, or modules, you enroll in.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 Module:  $2,150*
  • 2 Modules: $3,500*
  • 3 Modules: $4,750*

The fee includes undergraduate tuition, shared room, meals (continental breakfast every day and lunch four days per week) while school is in session, bus pass, CISI insurance and official field trips.

The program fee is for Wisconsin residents only; out-of-state students are responsible for their additional tuition.  Items not covered in base fees are: airfare, passport fees, damage and work deposits, required textbooks, campus program fee, supplementary textbooks and supplies, special class fees and/or other personal expenses.

Students are required to obtain (purchase, rent, borrow, etc.) the necessary textbooks for the UW course offerings they will be taking. It will be the student's responsibility to bring the textbooks with them and/or obtain them prior to the first day of classes. Required textbook information can be found in the course descriptions. Textbooks for British course offerings will be available for use at Dalkeith House.

To obtain the total program fee, contact the appropriate office by referring to the Campus Contact List

An estimate of total program costs (billable and non-billable expenses) for UWRF students can be found here, under Program Fees.  

An estimate of program costs for summer 2016 Counseling graduate students can be found here, under Program Fees        

*All fees are subject to change without prior notice.