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Next Wisconsin Elections

Spring Primary Election - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023

Spring General Election- Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Absentee Voting Guidelines

All voters in Wisconsin can request an absentee ballot be mailed to them for any reason. Voters must be registered before they can request an absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot online, click here. You must provide a photo ID with your request. More information on IDs can be found here

Polling Locations - River Falls Residents

  • The Falcon Center is the polling location for all students who register to vote as a resident in one of the UWRF residence halls. The voting district is illustrated here. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
  • Voters residing in other parts of River Falls or surrounding areas are encouraged to visit the My Vote Wisconsin website to determine their polling location. 
  • For more information on polling locations, early voting or absentee voting, visit

Wisconsin Voter Registration

If this is your first time voting in Wisconsin, you will need to register and can do so in multiple ways. Check the Wisconsin Voter Registration and Proof of Residence website to review your options. If you are unsure if you are registered, check the Voter Search Database.

All UWRF students who reside in River Falls - on or off campus - can establish residency and register to vote in River Falls. If you are establishing residency in River Falls for the first time, you can print out a Wisconsin Voter Verification form from eSIS. The link to do so is in the bottom right corner, under "Resources." Be sure your address is showing up as your River Falls address before printing the form. To update your address in eSIS, go to "Student Center" > "Personal Information" > "Other Addresses" > "Add a New Address." You will want to be sure this address is labeled as your mailing address. If you live on campus, use your Residence Hall mailing address, including your room number. You will use that form, along with a valid photo ID, to register to vote. For further information about residency for students, visit the Wisconsin Student Residency Guide

Photo ID

Wisconsin requires a photo ID to vote. Visit to check if you have the correct type of ID. If you do not, UW-River Falls provides Voter ID cards to students. Visit our Voter ID knowledge base to learn more.  

Important notes about voter IDs:

  • If you are an out of state resident who is voting in Wisconsin, you will need a passport or a voter ID in order to vote.
  • DoTS will print a voter ID for you free of charge. To get one, simply email with the subject line "I need a voter ID." You will then be able to pick up your voter ID any time the Carding Office is open. The Carding Office is open during normal business hours but will extend its hours on election day until 8 p.m.

Minnesota Students

If you are a Minnesota resident, find out what you need to know about registering and voting in your home state at,, and Voter Registration in Minnesota.

Political Campaign Activity Regulations

To learn about student and employee political campaign activity regulations, read the UW System Guidance on Political Campaign Activities.

For More Information

DISCLAIMER: This information is meant to give UW-River Falls students the basic information they need to vote in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all voting rules. For more comprehensive information about voting in Wisconsin, visit My Vote Wisconsin and in Minnesota, visit MN Votes. Additionally, this guide does not provide any information about voting in elections in other U.S. states.


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