Voter Information


Next Wisconsin Elections

The next elections are the Spring Primary on February 18, 2020 and the Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary on April 7, 2020. For more information about the upcoming election, visit My Vote Wisconsin or the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. To see what will be on your ballot, click here.

Polling Locations

The City of River Falls ward boundaries and voting locations can be found here. Students living on campus in Hathorn, McMillan, Grimm, Parker, Crabtree, Jesse H. Ames Suites or George R. Fields South Fork Suites can vote in the University Center. Students living in Johnson, Prucha, May and Stratton must vote at River Falls High School.

The Student Government Association has arranged for free shuttles all day long from the circle lot by KFA to the River Falls High School and back for students who reside in Johnson, Prucha, May and Stratton Halls.

Photo ID

Wisconsin now requires a photo ID to vote. Visit to check if you have the correct type of ID. If you do not, UW-River Falls provides Voter ID cards to students. Find out how you can get your voter ID card right here on campus.

August 3, 2016, update from University of Wisconsin System Legal Counsel: The requirement for voters to present photo ID is still in effect in Wisconsin. Recently, two federal judges issued opinions related to the Wisconsin voter ID law. Both of those opinions explicitly state that they made no changes to any voting laws for the primary election on Tuesday, August 9th. Both judges also upheld the basic concept of requiring photo ID at the polls. No changes to our campus processes and procedures are required at this time. 

Wisconsin Voter Registration

If this is your first time voting in Wisconsin, you will need to register and can do so in multiple ways. Check the Voter Registration Guide to review your options. If you are unsure if you are registered, check the Voter Search Database.

All UWRF students who reside in River Falls, on or off campus, can establish residency and register to vote in River Falls. If you are establishing residency in River Falls for the first time, you can print out a Wisconsin Voter Verification form from eSIS (bottom right corner, under "Resources" – be sure your home address is showing up as your River Falls address before printing the form). You will use that form, along with a valid photo ID, to register to vote. For further information about residency for students, visit

Minnesota Students

If you are a Minnesota resident, find out what you need to know about registering and voting in your home state at MN Votes,, and Voter Registration in Minnesota.

Political Campaign Activity Regulations

To learn about student and employee political campaign activity regulations, read the UWRF guidance as well as the UW System Political Campaign Activities Memo and the Guidance on Political Campaign Activities at UW System Institutions Document.

For More Information

DISCLAIMER: This information is meant to give UW-River Falls students the basic information they need to vote in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all voting rules. For more comprehensive information about voting in Wisconsin, visit My Vote Wisconsin and in Minnesota, visit MN Votes. Additionally, this guide does not provide any information about voting in elections in other U.S. states.


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