University Staff Senate

Performance Management

Following are key highlights on the performance management/review process:

  • When preparing the performance review, your supervisor should schedule a mutually convenient time and place to discuss the upcoming review and to allow you (the employee) to provide input. Some supervisors may ask you (employee) to provide a pre-review self-evaluation, which will be discussed at the meeting.  Supervisors may include that information on the document and note the input as Employee Comments or simply keep that input in mind when writing the final review.
  • The review form should be completed using the performance standards that were established on the University Staff Performance and Planning Review document at the beginning of the review period. 
  • Supervisors are to designate an overall rating on the form and are required to include comments and specific examples to support the overall rating. The overall rating should be supported by the individual ratings and comments provided throughout the form.The Dean, Director, or next level supervisor will review the performance review documents for the work unit prior to your meeting with your immediate supervisor.  The purpose of the review is to ensure that different supervisors are consistent with evaluating performance. 
  • Your supervisor will schedule a meeting with you (employee) to discuss the performance review. Upon completion of the meeting, both you and your supervisor will sign University Staff Performance and Planning Review document. 
  • A copy of the signed form should be made by the supervisor for the employee. The original will be signed by the Dean, Director, or next level supervisor and then forwarded to Human Resources for placement in the employee’s personnel file.

Performance standards and goals should be established for the next year immediately following the completion of the annual evaluation period.  The form and instructions can be found at the bottom of the ‘Performance Management’ page on the HR website at

You are encouraged to take some time to review your position description to ensure that it’s up-to-date and accurate. If changes are necessary, please work with your supervisor to update using the position description template found at

The complete process can be found in Chapter 7.8 of the Faculty & Staff Handbook.