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Convenience copiers provides copiers in various departments and handles all related payments. Most copiers are leased for a four-year period and are obtained from a state contract based on volume usage and department needs.

Departments are charged based on the number of copies made. One 8.5x11 sheet printed on one side counts as one copy. Printing on two sides counts as two copies. For 11x17 sheets (which are twice the size), printing on a single side counts as two copies, and printing on both sides would count as four copies.

Paper for the copier is paid for by University Communications and is ordered from Central Stores through an online form. Therefore, paper for the copier must be kept separate from other office use paper.

For assistance with your copier needs, contact Philip Olle-LaJoie.


Order Paper for your copier - and keep it separate from your general office paper.

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