Infrastructure / Design

Sustainable Construction Methods

  • The previous Ames building was deconstructed (instead of demolition) - 90% of materials were sorted, separated, reused, or recycled instead of taken to landfills - This was one of the first buildings in the state of WI to be deconstructed Local and regional construction materials were used to reduce the use of fossil fuels in transportation
  • Exterior design and light colored roof reduces heat gain
  • South window overhang to shade summer sun and allow maximum winter daylight penetration
  • Building windows are made from low-E glass

University Center AerialAmes Cornerstone


Building Management Technology Integration

  • Card Swipe system on all doors allows for quick and easy management of credentials and increased security of equipment. 
  • Event Management System (EMS) integrated with IRCO Geoffrey (security management system).  Read our Case Study about how this works.
  • Hardware triggers from Geoffrey system to A/V systems to turn on/off equipment when building is open/closed.

Reuse / Sustainable Products

  • Some materials from the Ames building were transformed into artwork for the University Center 
  • Furniture and equipment purchases with a low-impact focus
  • Sustainable flooring options were installed throughout the building, such as, natural bamboo wood flooring, natural slate tile flooring, and carpet squares made from recyclable materials

Cup of Knowledge