Laptop Checkout

Laptop Checkout Now Available!

Stop by the UC Information Desk to checkout a laptop.

FREE for students.

  • The laptop loan period is 3 hours. 
  • I agree to reimburse the University Center for any damage to, or loss of the laptop or its accessories that occurs while it is checked out, up to a maximum charge of $1800.00 – the replacement cost of the laptop and all its peripherals in addition to overdue billing and processing fees.
  • Late night checkouts must be returned to the Information Desk by Midnight.
  • Non-refundable fines of $5 per hour will accrue if the laptop is not returned on time. Fines must be paid before you can check out another laptop. Any fines due and not paid at the time of check in will be put directly on your student account.
  • You must return the laptop to an Information Desk staff member at the University Center Campus Information Desk.  Do not place the laptop on the counter and leave until the laptop has been checked in.
  • You are responsible for the laptop including all of its components, the cord (2 sections) and the bag.  Do not leave it unattended, ensure it is protected from possible damage, and do not loan it to others.
  • Do not change or tamper with the hardware or software provided on the laptop.
  • Anything saved to the memory of this device is removed from the device upon the return of the equipment and it is your responsibility to back up anything that you want to save.
  • The University Center is not responsible for any damage to any device connected to the laptop, including my removable disk (CD, USB flash drive, etc.), or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware.

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