Willow River Room

The Willow River room is a large sized meeting room located on the 3rd floor. 

  • Standard seating is a hollow square table with 24 executive-style chairs and 16 standard chairs 
  • Portable equipment podium can be reserved for use includes: PC, laptop hookup (VGA), DVD Player, VCR,  Composite & Component video inputs (RCA), audio amplification system, 32" wide work surface   
  • Convenience phone (campus, local and toll-free access) 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Coat Racks 
  • 1197 square ft.

Room Rental Rates

Category 1

Category 2

Category 4




To schedule an event in this room, please visit Campus Reservations.

This is the room diagram for standard seating. If you would like this room set up in a non-standard way (labor fees apply), please print this out, draw how you would like the tables and chairs to be arranged, and fax it to (715)425-0666.

Willow River Room



Willow River Room Floorplan