Presenting Your URSCA Work

There are many opportunities for undergraduates from all disciplines to present their research, scholarly, and creative work including on-campus, statewide and nationally. For some of these opportunities, please visit present your work. There are several ways to present your creative and scholarly work. Each conference or meeting will have their own guidelines that should be followed for each type of presentation: poster display, oral presentation, or creative display.  


InDesign and Powerpoint are the best programs to use to create a poster or other visual presentation. Powerpoint is the preferred format if you are printing through the on campus Fast Copy.  Remember that all visual presentations (especially posters) must be branded by including a UWRF logo.  The templates and instructions listed below are available for your use.  


Printing of your poster or other printable artifacts is available on campus, visit Fast Copy. Please give Fast Copy a few weeks to print your poster for the URSCA Fall Gala, as they receive a high volume of poster orders at this time.

Creating a Research Poster

Need assistance? Attend one of our Research Poster Making Workshops!  

Resources for creating a research poster


Templates to Create Your URSCA Presentation


Oral Presentation Templates

URSCA Template (branded with UWRF logo)

UWRF Template (branded with UWRF logo)



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