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URSCA Course-Redesign Grant


The positive effects of an undergraduate research experience on student learning, attitude, and career choice have passed from anecdote to systematic data (Lopatto 2010). The URSCA Course Redesign Grant provides funding for UWRF faculty and instructional academic staff members interested in enhancing a significant portion of a current course to incorporate an undergraduate research component. Proposals that emphasize collaborative and/or multi-disciplinary research projects and approaches as well as individual investigations are encouraged. We also encourage applications that feature undergraduate courses at any level, from introductory first-year courses through senior seminars and capstones. In many cases, first- or second-year research experiences are likely to be process-centered, and faculty-initiated, while upper level or capstone research experiences may be outcome-oriented, discipline-based, and with potential to be of interest to a professional audience. 

Although research expectations will differ across disciplines and levels, in almost all cases, course-embedded undergraduate research will include the following four steps (CUR 2005):

  1. The identification and acquisition of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary methodology
  2. The setting out of a concrete investigative problem
  3. The carrying out of the actual project
  4. The dispersing/sharing of a new scholar’s discoveries with his or her peers--the vital final step to reinforce that all research should be of some tangible benefit to society, not just the individual researcher  

We seek course redesigns that will support new, relevant, innovative, and/or inventive strategies to infuse undergraduate research into the curriculum. Proposals should briefly identify a teaching or student learning challenge that currently exists in a course, and that can be addressed with the infusion of a significant undergraduate research project or component. A detailed plan for redesigning the course to address the issue with a clear description of the undergraduate research project should be created on completion of the grant activity.

Who Can Participate in the URSCA Course Redesign Grant?

To participate in the URSCA Course Redesign Grant opportunity, a faculty/staff member must:

  • Identify a course to be redesigned, a concept for the redesign, and a specific teaching and learning issue to be enhanced with the redesign
  • Receive approval from Department Chair and/or Dean of College
  • Plan to redesign a course that is part of the regular curriculum
  • Commit to mentoring student presentations at the URSCA Fall Gala from teams and/or individual undergraduates in your redesigned course

Funding for the URSCA Course Redesign Grant

Awardees will receive professional development monies to redesign a course. Funding is provided with submission of receipts for any professional development expenses (whether related to the course redesign or to some other aspect of professional development). Payment is provided upon completion of the following steps: 

  • Submission of a fully revised and updated syllabus using 'backwards design' to show the steps students will follow to successfully complete their project during the semester, and all other associated course documents explaining the URSCA project and student activities
  • Submission of a statement from the department chair indicating departmental approval for the course revisions and the intention to include the revised course in regular or semi-regular rotation.  

How to use "Backwards Design" in a Course-Redesign Grant

Instructional Video with Dr. Scott Cooper at UW-La Crosse 

Application Review

URSCA Council will review all applications.



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