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An initial consultation with University Communications and Marketing is recommended to determine the most effective type of communication to meet your objective. When requesting services you should have an idea of the purpose, intended audience, desired outcome, as well as budget and deadline.  At this stage, University Communications and Marketing will help develop an effective plan that may include marketing, writing, editing, design and photography, for print and/or digital communication, and based on an effective brand platform. See the Brand Standards for detailed brand information.

Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for an average brochure, and two to three months for more complex projects incorporating extensive writing, photography, design and/or off-campus printing.


After the initial consultation, cost estimates for your project could be determined. Elements needed for estimating print pieces may include quantity, paper type and size, number of pages, number of ink colors, folding or binding requirements, as well as delivery date. Cost for printing is most accurately determined after layout is complete. 

Text Preparation

Initial copy should be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment or in Microsoft Word. For information on preparing your manuscript contact University Communications and Marketing.

When preparing your copy please keep in mind that University Communications and Marketing follows the UW-River Falls Stylebook and the Associated Press Stylebook. The UWRF Stylebook, prepared by University Communications and Marketing, contains style elements specific to the university and should be considered as a first reference. A copy of the UWRF Stylebook is available online, see the Style Guide link in the gray box above. The AP Stylebook can be purchased in the University Bookstore.

Writing and Editing

When necessary, University Communications and Marketing will provide writing and editing services. When contacting University Communications and Marketing for help in writing, please allow additional time for this service. All copy will be subject to editing for university style as well as an AP style review.


Strong photography is a key element in communicating the essence of any story. University Communications and Marketing will work with you to provide that image. University Communications and Marketing staff photographer can arrange a photo shoot if appropriate, or may already have the image available in UWRF photo archives. 



University Communications and Marketing can provide complete design service for print and electronic communications. Our staff can assist you with specific concept development to meet your communication goals. Text, photography, color, illustration, are all considered when designing a university communication piece. 

If appropriate, our design staff can provide initial design concepts before creating a finished piece. Production layout typically begins after all design elements of the piece are received and text has been edited.


If your request is for a digital product, such as a web or mobile ad, e-mail blast, or digital billboard, much of the same concerns defined on this page still apply. With the exception of print and paper considerations, thoughtful marketing, writing, photography and design are still important when developing effective communications.

Brand Templates

For your convenience, University Communications and Marketing has provided a few UWRF branded templates. Letter size flyer, email newsletter, letterhead for digital distribution, as well as Power Point slide templates are available. Design consultation is also available to help you prepare these documents in a brand-consistent manner. Contact University Communications and Marketing for more information.

When using these templates, please have them reviewed by University Communications and Marketing prior to completion.

University Communications and Marketing uses Apple computers and current software packages designed for professional results. It is our goal to ensure all communications, including those used for recruiting and/or off-campus distribution, be produced at the highest quality level possible to maintain a professional image of the university. 

This quality will also be achieved through the use of approved printers, vendors, service providers and the UWRF Fast Copy Center. Check with University Communications and Marketing and/or a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center for details in using these services.


After copy is edited, the job will move to the design stage. The design staff will compose all elements including text, photographs and art work in a manner consistent with the overall UWRF brand standards.  At this point the design should be relatively complete and ready for proofing. 


Before your project is finalized, you will be asked to proof the document. The proofing process offers you another chance to make minor adjustments in copy, design or photography.

The client is responsible for detecting errors on the proof. University Communications and Marketing is not responsible for errors if the client has failed to return proofs with indication of changes, has instructed us to proceed without submission of proofs, or if changes are communicated verbally. If more than one proof is furnished, corrections must be marked on all proofs.

The proofing stage is also the time to finalize quantity, account number, and delivery details.



If your publication requires very high print quality, special paper, a large quantity, an oversized sheet, or many-pages, your job may be sent to an off-campus printer. For most jobs, a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center utilizes a local service contract printer. Most printing can be completed within 8 to 10 working days.

When a job cannot be done on-campus and does not fall into specific contract categories, it may be bid. Examples are those jobs which are very complicated, have several pieces which must be color-matched, process-color (four-color or full-color) books and labels or decals. Writing specifications for bid jobs and the bidding process will take additional time and is typically done by a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center.

The Fast Copy Center printing order form may be used for all printing requests, whether done in-house or through an off-campus printer.This form helps to thoroughly define the piece. University Communications and Marketing and /or a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center will review all requests to determine the optimal printing method.

After you have received the printed product, report any printer mistakes (e.g., wrong ink color, poor folding or wrong quantity) as soon as possible to University Communications and Marketing. If the job is delivered late (more than one or two days), contact University Communications and Marketing immediately. If you receive the invoice, forward it to University Communications and Marketing and /or a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center. When developed through University Communications and Marketing, your job is filed there for future use. Auditing of print invoices is done by a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center. Any problems with printing jobs are negotiated with the printer a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center. University Communications and Marketing and /or a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center handle all contacts with any off-campus printers.

Fast Copy Center

Jobs to be printed in Fast Copy require a Fast Copy order form, signed by the person ordering. This form is available online at University Communications and Marketing and/or a representative from the UWRF Fast Copy Center can assist you in choosing paper and other options relative to the Fast Copy Center (e.g., bindery, cutting, folding, etc.). Fast Copy charges will be billed to a UWRF account when appropriate.

As it is the goal of the Fast Copy Center to produce printing in a rapid fashion, your printing will be done in two to five days depending on prior workload and complexity of the printing and binding operations. Completed jobs can be delivered to the location indicated on the order form.

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