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How much do I have to pay?

A textbook rental fee of $81.45 per semester, for a full-time undergraduate student, is charged for the rental service.  Part-time undergraduate students pay a lower amount which is based on the number of credits they are taking.

For most classes, textbook rental fees are paid as a part of tuition.  Additional fees may be charged for damaging textbooks and late returns.

Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, money order, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).  We cannot accept American Express or Falcon Dollars.

What will I need to bring when I pick up my books?

You MUST have your student ID, or other legal photo ID every time that you check out a textbook.  You will not be able to check out textbooks without one of these items.  You may, however, return textbooks without your student ID or other photo ID. 

When do my books have to be returned?

The due date for rented textbooks is the last day of finals week.  You may return them earlier if you are done with them.  In fact, returning them earlier, after you complete each final, may save you time spent waiting in line.  We have extended hours during final exam week which are posted on the Textbook Services website.  Evening hours are usually less busy.

Summer and  J-Term books are due by the date listed on your printout.  if the class is online, you are welcome to mail them back to us.  There is a 4 day grace period for packages to be postmarked without incurring late fees.  Please mail books to:  Textbook Services, 410 S. Third St., River Falls, WI  54022.

Books from dropped classes are due within four (4) calendar days.  This does include weekends even though we are not open.  Books may be left in the book drop either inside or outside the building.  If you withdraw from the university, your books must be returned on the date of withdrawal.

What should I do if I can't return my books during open hours?

We have two book drops that may be used during our closed hours.  The outside book drop is located just to the right of the main entrance, by the double doors on the east side of the building.  The inside book drop is located in the hallway by Textbook Services, just to the left of the main doors. 

What happens if I don't get my books back by the due date?

A hold will be placed on your record in eSIS.  An overdue notice will be generated one month after the due date and sent to you at the permanent home address you have listed in eSIS.  Books returned after the due date incur fines as stated in policies for students. 

If you need to keep a book for course work, you must make arrangements with Textbook Services prior to the due date to avoid fines.  We will require you to bring the book in to be renewed for another term.

What if I have an incomplete or extension for a class?  Will I still be charged a late fee?

If you have an incomplete or extension for any class, let us know BEFORE the due date.  We will make arrangements for you to renew the book without incurring a fine.  These arrangements are made on an individual basis.  Fines may not be waived if arrangements are not made prior to the due date. 

What should I do when I drop a class?

Unless you are also adding a class that uses the same textbook(s), textbooks/materials used in dropped classes must be returned immediately as someone else in the class may not have a book.  A fine of $5 per book is charged for books from dropped classes that are not returned within four (4) calendar days of the date the class is dropped at the Registrar or on eSIS.  Students who have added classes are not allowed to pick up their texts for added classes until all their texts from dropped classes have been returned.

Can I check out books for classes I'm not enrolled in?

We ask that students wait one to two weeks after the first day of classes to check out any extra books.  This allows us to ensure all enrolled students have the required materials for class.  We will make exceptions to this rule if the book is not being used for the current semester or if we clearly have more than enough copies for the class. 

May I buy any of my rental books if I want to keep them?

Most of the time, yes, you may buy any of your textbooks.  The exception is if the book is out of print.  We need to keep all of the copies possible since we may not be able to purchase any more. You must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student to purchase textbooks.

We also have copies of discontinued books, which are books that were formerly used in classes but have been discontinued in favor of a new edition or different textbook.  Discontinued textbooks are priced from $.25 to several dollars per copy.  They are on display and for sale here at Textbook Services.  By purchasing discontinued textbooks, you may build a professional library for a very reasonable cost.

Can a friend check out or return books for me if I am unable?

You must check out your own textbooks.  If you are unable to come to Textbook Services to do so, you may have someone else check them out for you, but only with permission from the Textbook Services manager.  We also offer the option of mailing textbooks if you are a distance learner.

A friend may return your textbooks for you, without special permission, but please understand that you are still responsible for the textbooks should they be lost, damaged, overdue, or destroyed while in your friend's possession. 

What if a book gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

Materials that are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair must be paid for a full list price.  

Refunds may be given, upon return, for lost materials costing $16 or more, if the following conditions are met:  return date is within 1 year of payment; book has not been replaced; book is still current.  A $15 per item service charge will be subtracted from refunds given on lost materials.

Students who return materials which are damaged, but still usable, will be charged fines which are based on the original cost of the material, the extent of the damage, the age of the material, and on the approximate cost of repair.  Materials which are damaged and no longer usable must be paid for at full price.   Students may not purchase a replacement copy of a text for damaged texts.

There is a two week period at the beginning of each semester during which students may inspect their textbooks for damages and report any problems to Textbook Services. After this two week period, the student may be held responsible for damage to textbooks at the discretion of the Textbook Services manager.  Students should bring in books with binding damage at any time during the semester to be repaired.


What if my iClicker doesn't work or needs new batteries?

Textbook Services will replace the batteries if they are not working.  We do expect all iClickers  to be returned with 3 AAA batteries, working or not.  If the iClicker doesn't work, we will put new batteries in.  If that does not solve the problem, then we will exchange the non-functioning item with a new one.

What is the mailing address?

 Our mailing address is:

Textbook Services
410 S. Third St.
River Falls, WI  54022

Still have a question?  

If you still have a question, please contact us!  You can email us or submit the form below.


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