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Across the state, region, and nation there is an acute need for highly qualified professional educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. By the year 2015 it is projected that the United States will need 280,000 new PK-12 science and math teachers.

Not only is there an escalating necessity for skilled science and math teachers, but there is a critical need to diversify the teaching population. As the regional and national student populations have become increasingly diverse, the pool of teacher candidates from diverse backgrounds has stagnated.

The We TEACH program is a student development program created to address challenges in both the recruitment and retention of prospective teachers from historically underrepresented populations in education and students seeking teacher certification in the high need disciplines of science, mathematics, and TESOL.

We TEACH facilitates the provision of academic assistance, peer networking, supplemental advising, Praxis preparation, and activities that enhance the success of K-12 teaching candidates. The We TEACH program meets as a large group at least once a month and the We TEACH advisor is available to meet students as often as necessary.

Current and future UWRF students are eligible to participate in the WeTEACH program if they are:

From a historically underrepresented population in education

  • Students of color pursuing a degree in any teacher education field.
  • Males pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Females pursuing a degree in Math or Science Education.

Pursuing a teaching license in a “high need/low supply” teaching field

  • Math Education
  • TESOL Education
  • Science Education

  Paid Grant Opportunity: STEM Lab initiative

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