Undergraduate Students

How to Apply

Prospective UWRF Undergraduates

  • To make education your major, you must apply in a two-step process.
    • First, you must be admitted to UW-River Falls and complete 40 credit hours.
    • Second, you must apply to the educator preparation program. It's best to apply the semester before you anticipate taking classes in the program.
  • Admission to UW-River Falls is determined by factors like GPA, high school class rank and standardized test scores.
  • For undergraduate admissions standards, click here.
  • Application information for new freshmen can be found here, or by contacting the admissions office. Prospective students can also apply using the University's online application.  

Current UWRF Undergraduates 

  • To apply to the educator preparation program, undergraduates must have  
    • An overall GPA of at least 2.75. 
    • Completed 40 credit hours. 
    • Completed the following coursework:  
      • English 100 & 200 with a minimum of one B- and one C in both courses. 
      • Successfully complete English 100 and have a minimum grade of B- in English 200.
      • Complete Communication Studies 101 with a minimum grade of B-.  
      • Complete TED 211 and 212 with a minimum grade of C.  
    • A satisfactory score on one of the following Basic Skill Assessments:   
      • ACT Exam 
      • SAT Exam 
      • Praxis I® Pre Professional Skills Test   
    • Pass a background check. Click here for the online application. 
    • A completed a degree plan that's signed by an advisor.  
    • Prospective elementary and secondary education students must have the following:   
      • Elementary education  
        • One recommendation from any faculty member you have taken classes with, with the exception of your teacher education 211 instructor.  
      • Secondary education   
        • One recommendation from your TED 212, 252, 120 or SPED 330 instructor.  
        • A department recommendation from your major's department chair or designee.   
    • Include copies of your unofficial transcript and Degree Audit Report, or DAR.

    Teacher Licensing

    In Wisconsin, all professional school staff must be licensed to teach in the public schools. At the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, licensing is done by the College of Education and Professional Studies. For information on how to apply for a license, click here.

    For help applying, contact Senior Academic Advisor Michael Martin.