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The STEM Lab Initiative (SLI) is an exciting opportunity for science and math Teacher Education students to participate in a rich, meaningful, and directed field experience. SLI connects students from underrepresented teacher populations with a cooperating high school instructor to plan, teach, and assess two in-class science labs or two in-class math manipulative lessons. Over the course of 12 weeks UWRF students are immersed in a middle/high school classroom as paid teaching assistants – working and learning alongside their cooperating instructors.

The core principles that serve as the impetus for the STEM Lab Initiative are:

  • Early, hands-on field experience serves to bridge classroom theory and teaching practice
  • Engaging & applicable academic experiences are linked to higher student retention rates
  • Immersive field placements allow pre-service teachers to build confidence and experience as professionals
  • Practicing their professional craft early and often will allow pre-service teachers to enter student teaching more prepared
  • This in turn, will allow student teachers to reach a higher level of professional refinement

Result: STEM Teacher Education graduates are more thoroughly prepared to enter the workforce as successful professionals

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