Graduate Students

How to Apply

Prospective UWRF Graduate Students

  • Candidates must first be admitted to the UWRF Graduate School before applying to the educator preparation program. To submit an online application, click here.

 Current UWRF Graduate Students

To apply to the educator preparation graduate program, graduate students must

  • Submit an application to the educator preparation program.
  • Have an overall bachelor degree with a GPA of 2.75.
  • Submit evidence of writing, speaking and listening proficiency. Typically a grade of C or above in an English composition course as part of an undergraduate degree meets this requirement.
  • Submit an autobiography that includes 1-5 pages of typed, double spaced content. The autobiography must
    • Have a minimum of four paragraphs.
    • An introduction.
    • An explanation of your undergraduate major and/or life experience, illustrating how they will have an affect on your teaching.
    • A description of your experience working and interacting with children.
    • An explanation of your role as a teacher in today's society. 
  • Students must pass a basic skills assessment. Acceptable exams include
    • Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test exams.
      • Reading, qualifying score = 175.
      • Writing, qualifying score = 174.
      • Mathematics, qualifying score = 173.
    • Praxis I CORE Academic Skills for Educators exams.
      • Reading, qualifying score = 156.
      • Writing, qualifying score = 162.
      • Mathematics, qualifying score = 150.
    • Graduate Record Exam (taken after 8/1/2011)
      • Composite score of 298.
      • Verbal score of 150.
      • Match score of 145.
      • You must meet all of the minimum qualifying GRE scores to use the exam for basic skills. Exams cannot be blended. They can either be all Praxis or all GRE, but not the best of both.
    • Candidates must
      • Submit official transcripts for all non-UWRF courses.
      • Submit official transcripts for all UWRF courses.
      • Complete a criminal background check and disclosure form.
      • Complete a background history through certified background ($42 fee).
      • Have a degree plan on file with the Dean's office.
      • Have two candidate references completed and filed with the Dean's office.   

Applications must be submitted by October 1 for the spring semester and February 15 for the fall or summer semester.

Teacher Licensing

In Wisconsin, all professional school staff must be licensed to teach in the public schools. At the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, licensing is done by the College of Education and Professional Studies. For information on how to apply for a license, click here.

For help applying, contact Senior Academic Advisor Michael Martin.