Operations and Initiatives

Confidential Shredding

How often is there confidential shredding opportunities on campus?

  • Confidential shredding is offered twice per year with one pickup occurring in September/October and the other pickup occurring in April/May. Dates will be posted in Falcon Daily a few weeks prior to each opportunity.

What is considered confidential material?

  • Any document that has personal information such as birth date, social security numbers, employee ID numbers, bank account information, course exams, etc.
  • Material to be shredded must have met the legal retention period. See the UW System General Retention Schedule for Student Records for guidelines. If you still have a question, email or call 715-425-3567. 

Who can get materials shredded?

  • Any campus department can submit materials to be shredded.
  • Please note that campus employees are not permitted to bring items in from home to be shredded.

How do I get my materials to be shredded included in the next shredding opportunity?

  • Find a reasonably sized box. The largest size box that will be picked up is equivalent to a copy paper box. Once you have a reasonably sized box, pack up all confidential material and tape it shut. 
  • Label the box "shred" so it is clearly identified.
  • Submit a work order through TMA iServiceDesk listing the location of the boxes and the number of boxes to be picked up. 

Who pays for the confidential shredding?


For additional information, contact Mark Klapatch at or 715-425-3349.