University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Summary of Feedback on UWRF Academic Plan Draft: 2021

The purpose of this survey was to gather feedback on a draft of the Academic Plan.  The Plan will help guide decisions about programming and budget over the next several years, so it was important to give individuals on campus the opportunity to weigh in on the draft.  

Student Retention at UW-River Falls, the Impact of Living in Residence Halls and Learning Communities: 2021

This study assessed the impacts on retention of living on campus and learning communities at UW-River Falls.  

Summary of UWRF Students’ Responses to the 2018 National Collegiate Health Assessment Survey: 2019

This report summarizes the results of the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) survey that was administered on the UW-River Falls campus in 2018.  

UWRF Student Retention Study: 2017

During early 2017, a group of faculty and staff at UW-River Falls completed a brief literature review to help identify factors that other researchers have found to be associated with a college student’s likelihood of persisting to graduation.  Based on that review, the group developed a questionnaire that asked students to indicate the degree to which they agreed or disagreed with 25 statements pertaining to their social, academic, and financial adjustment to college.  In addition, we used information in the UW-River Falls database to capture the respondent’s gender, ethnicity, if a pre-major, if they commute to college, if they are a first generation college student, their high school GPA, college placement scores, and ACT scores.

UW-River Falls Transportation-Campus Amenities Survey: 2017

In October 2017, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls’ Office of Sustainability worked with the Survey Research Center (SRC) at UWRF to gather information about how and when faculty/staff and students travel to campus.  Another objective of the survey was to measure usage patterns of and satisfaction with campus facilities and amenities available to students.  A survey instrument was adapted from an earlier 2005 UWRF transportation study.  

Analysis of UW-River Falls’ National Collegiate Health Assessment Data: 2015-2017

This report summarizes the results of the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) survey that was administered on the UW-River Falls campus in 2015.  

UWRF Post-Graduation Survey's:

The data summarized in these reports were gathered on?line from graduates of UW?River Falls who matriculated following Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.

UWRF Post-Graduation Survey, 2015-16 (17/July 2017)

UWRF Post-Graduation Survey, 2014-15 (21/July 2016)

UWRF Post-Graduation Survey, 2013-14 (14/October 2015)


UWRF Step Up Choices Survey: 2019

The four times that the SRC has conducted the Step Up Choices Survey for Student Health and Counseling Services has resulted in a large and very rich, longitudinal data set.  The survey focuses on student experiences, beliefs and actions taken to address five problematic behaviors:  someone who has had too much to drink (drunkenness), hazing, someone being taken advantage of sexually (sexual exploitation), verbal mistreatment or harassment based on gender, race, class, sexual orientation, etc. (verbal harassment), and someone experiencing significant emotional distress or thoughts of suicide (emotional distress)

University of Wisconsin - River Falls Veterans Surveys

The motivation for this study was to evaluate veterans' experiences at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls (UWRF).  The study was designed to measure the levels of services UWRF is providing to veterans and their efficacy; the levels of satisfaction veterans express for UWRF and its services; and the difficulties veterans face at UWRF.