Rural Development

Jackson County ATV/UTV Trail Study Survey Report, 2019 (June 2020/11)

The purpose of this study was to obtain trail surface preferences of ATV and UTV users of the Jackson County trail network and to solicit feedback about their trail experiences.

Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association Economic Impact and User Experience Survey Summary, 2020 (May 2020/9)

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) project consisted of two surveys, one focused on measuring the economic impact of the trails and the second on users’ experiences with and feedback about the trails.

Town of Fairfield Broadband Internet 2019 Survey Report (20/December 2019)

The purpose of this study was to gather information about Town of Fairfield residents’ and property owners’ current access to and need for high-speed broadband Internet service.  

Polk County Housing Survey Report, 2019 (18/December 2019)

The Polk County Housing Survey parallels a 2018 survey conducted by the Survey Research Center (SRC) at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls for the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for Barron County and is in response to the same concern.  The current economic expansion has been on-going for about a decade and has resulted in low unemployment rates.  Many organizations in Polk County and elsewhere are having an increasingly difficult time finding enough workers to fill their vacancies and Polk County business leaders are concerned that the lack of affordable and appropriate housing in the County might be contributing to the shortage of workers.  The survey described in this report was designed to determine how Polk County residents and those who work there but live elsewhere feel about housing in the County.

Lake Wisconsin Alliance Survey Report (14/October 2019)

The purpose of the Lake Wisconsin Alliance survey was to help the Alliance know what residents most value about Lake Wisconsin, to establish priorities for the Alliance, and to provide insights into how to strengthen the organization.

Workforce Housing Survey Barron County, Wisconsin, 2019 (10/May 2019)

Employees at 54 of the larger employers in Barron County, Wisconsin were invited to complete a two-page survey designed to understand their housing preferences and the housing issues facing their communities.

Palmyra, Eagle River and Phelps Business Development Report (15/May 2018)

During the late winter of 2017 and early spring of 2018, 22 businesses in Eagle River and Phelps, Wisconsin and another 22 businesses in Palmyra, Wisconsin were interviewed by UW-Extension educators Chris Stark and Steve Chmielewski.  Eagle River and Phelps are in Vilas County and Palmyra is in Jefferson County.  The goals of the survey were to understand key issues facing these businesses and identify training needs of the business community in these villages.

Village of Spring Green and Town of Spring Green High-Speed Broadband Internet Survey Report (1/January 2018)

The purpose of this study was to gather information from residents and business owners about issues related to high-speed Internet service in the Village of Spring Green and the Town of Spring Green.

Dunn County Residential and Business High-Speed Internet Needs Assessment Survey Report (22/September 2017)

The purpose of this study was to gather input from residents and businesses about internet service in Dunn County.  In June 2017, Dunn County Community Resources & Tourism Committee (CR&T) launched an online survey that was open to all residents and business owners who desired to respond.  Separate versions were created for residents and businesses.  Paper versions of both surveys were available for those without internet access. Dunn County CR&T chose to have the Survey Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls tabulate and analyze the data and prepare a written report.

Portage County High-Speed Internet Needs Assessment Survey Report (6/March 2017)

The purpose of this study was to gather resident input about broadband high-speed internet service in Portage County.

Summary of Minnesota New Country School Visioning Survey, 2016 (25/October 2016)

As part of their "visioning" process, leaders at the Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) sought feedback from parents of children currently enrolled at the school.  

Feedback was sought on how well the school was performing on a number of key metrics, what priorities parents have for future facility or curricular developments, and the reasons parents entrusted their children's education to the school.  In addition, an array of demographic and background data were gathered (gender, education, income, number of children enrolled at MNCS and in what grade, etc.).

St. Croix County Broadband Survey Report Phase 2, 2016 (19/June 2016)

The purpose of this study was to gather resident input about Internet issues in three areas of St. Croix County.  Area 1 was the southern part of the City of New Richmond; Area 2 was comprised of the Town of Warren, Town of Hammond, Village of Roberts and Village of Hammond. Area 3 was the Town of St. Joseph.

Jackson County ATV Trail Users Survey Report, 2015 (2/January 2016)

The purpose of this study was to assess the economic impact of users of the Jackson County trail network and to solicit feedback from riders about their experience.

Pierce County Broadband Internet Survey (17/June 2014)

The purpose of this survey was to learn the current extent of broadband service in Pierce County and determine opportunities for Pierce County residents and businesses.

Motorcycle Tourism Campaign Survey Summary Report, 2014 (20/July 2014)

The purpose of this study was to gather information from motorcycle enthusiasts in targeted states (Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) to see if the Department of Tourism's 2013 marketing campaign increased motorcycling in western Wisconsin's Driftless region.

Walleye Initiative Private Fish Farm Capacity Study, 2014 (12/May 2014)

The purpose of this study was to learn more about current operations and future plans among Wisconsin aquaculture business owners. The survey was requested by the Wisconsin Legislature and sponsored by the UW-Extension Aquaculture Outreach Program.

CARES Planning Survey Report, 2012 (1/January 2013)

This survey was developed to gather participants' need for/interest in resources to help parents understand and guide their children through their developmental stages from birth to 18 years of age.  The survey also gathered information on challenges facing families as they raise their children and parents' preferred means of accessing information about their children's development.

Product Stewardship Survey Report (11/May 2012)

This survey was developed by the University of Wisconsin Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC) and the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) to gather opinions about product stewardship issues from people involved in recycling and solid waste management in Wisconsin.  The Survey Research Center sent email invitations to 1,017 contact persons for "responsible units" under the State recycling law.

West CAP Community Needs Survey (9/April 2010)

The 2010 West CAP Community Needs Survey was designed to provide West CAP with an in-depth understanding of household needs in the communities they serve.

Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Survey Report (12/June 2008)

The motivation for this study was to obtain increased knowledge of actual and potential demand for green power in western Wisconsin. The survey was designed to determine current demand for energy coming from renewable sources and anticipated future demand for energy from such sources among key public organizations in western Wisconsin.

Sun Prairie Business Improvement District Consumer and Business & Property Owner Surveys: Combined Report (15/2007)

This study had two primary purposes. The first purpose was to gather information about the shopping patterns and preferences among adult residents ("consumers") in the Sun Prairie area, particularly in regard to the downtown business district. The second purpose was to gather information from Sun Prairie downtown business and property owners regarding downtown issues. The study was sponsored by the Sun Prairie Downtown Business Improvement District (BID), which chose to work with the Survey Research Center (SRC) at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Non-Resident Property Owners and their Impact on Sawyer County Businesses, 2007 (12/2007)

Although Sawyer County has long been a destination for tourists and those hoping to escape urban environments, the landscape has been steadily changing from a resort vacation economy to a second home based economy. As many of the traditional census based datasets only measure the activities of permanent residents, information about the patterns and preferences of second home owners has been mostly anecdotal. The 2000 census shows that 48.5 percent of Sawyer County housing units are classified as "for seasonal, recreational, occasional use". This study attempts to find out more about these households by looking at the important factors leading to property purchase in Sawyer County, the intensity with which non-resident owners use their properties, and this population's overall purchasing preferences. It is hoped that Sawyer County businesses can use the information contained in this report to increase their sales by better serving the emerging and growing needs of the second home customer.

West Cap Community Needs Survey Report (9/August 2007)

The West CAP Community Needs Survey was designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the nature and prevalence of challenges facing lower-income households in Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties. The study was funded by the Otto Bremer Foundation.

City of Baraboo River Corridor Redevelopment Survey Report (8/June 2007)

The City of Baraboo River Corridor Redevelopment Survey was designed to gather baseline information that would help the City of Baraboo assess the impact of the river corridor redevelopment project funded by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. It is anticipated that a follow-up survey will be conducted in approximately five years.

Employment Impacts of the Kansas City Chiefs' 2006 Summer Camp (2/January 2007)

The Survey Research Center conducted interviews with campus employees, collected data from selected campus offices, and surveyed local tourism related businesses about the employment impacts of the Kansas City Chiefs' 2006 Summer Camp.

St. Croix Business Services Survey (1/January 2006)

In October of 2005, larger businesses of St. Croix County, Wisconsin received surveys that requested information about business services practices.

St. Croix Tourism Campaign (May/2005)

This is an annual survey done for the St. Croix River Valley Regional Tourism Alliance. SRC staff called hotels and motels in the area to determine the effect of the "Celebrate Winter on the Sparkling St. Croix Tourism Campaign" used to promote more tourism activity in the St. Croix River Valley.

The Wisconsin Idea (5/April 2005)

A working paper drafted by David Trechter discussing the condition of the Wisconsin Idea today and the challenges that must be addressed if it is to remain a defining characteristic of the state's culture.