Peer Mentors

Seng Xiong

Seng Xiong


Major: Computer Science

About Seng: Hello everyone! My name is Seng Xiong--but, my real name is Cheng. I was born in Thailand and grew up bilingual with English being my second language. I am from Madison, and see the capitol every day as my apartment is facing the capitol. Though, I call Wausau home, because I grew up there. I was in the workforce for some years while taking part-time classes at Northcentral Technical College. However, I decided to go back to school full-time to get a bachelor's degree. This is my fourth year at UWRF. I'm a social person--quite talkative, and enjoy meeting new people! My other hobbies include watching professional football every Sunday during the season and playing volleyball. This past summer I went to Thailand and Laos for a three week vacation, and this was my first time ever going abroad! I've joined Student Support Services (SSS) since my freshman year and this program has positively impacted my college experience. I look forward to not only sharing my experiences, tip and tricks for how to be successful at RF, but also to learn from you all as well!