Student Organizations

3. Student Organization Procedures and Guidelines

Why should my organization reserve a space?
We encourage all student organizations to reserve a space for planned student organization events as it helps us provide the proper support for student activities.

How can my organization reserve a space?
Event space, meeting space, or vendor table space reservations requests can be made in a variety of different ways.  A Recognized Student Organization officer may log into the space scheduling software and enter space requests directly into the system. Anyone in a Recognized Student Organization may fill out the space use request form here Another option is to e-mail for any questions about space use on campus or stop by in person at the University Center Information desk to talk to a Reservations coordinator.

For more help in planning and hosting your event, please see the event planning timeline. As always reach out to the Office of Student Involvement with any questions.

Reserving a meeting/event or Vendor Space

All recognized student organizations are eligible to reserve spaces on campus. Decisions about reservations are solely based on neutral and objective requirements and criteria in the Use of Facilities policy, the procedures referenced below, and specific building reservation policies. Review these policies and follow the procedures below to ensure that your space reservation is successful. All reservation requests that comply with the written guidelines will be approved without consideration of the content or viewpoint of the expression so long as the space is available at the time requested.  

Important Notes -

  • New for 2022 - 2023 Pricing for event services: Fees in the University Center have been updated to make using the facility more accessible to recognized student organizations through the Segregated Fees paid by all UWRF students. The UC Ballroom and the Falcon's Nest spaces are now set at reduced and fixed rates inclusive of room fees, and base equipment and labor. Additionally, University Center audio/visual and event equipment and associated labor is available to recognized student organizations at no charge. However, Student organizations may be charged when equipment and/or services must be provided from a source outside of the University Center.
  • Special fees: Organizations using facilities may incur charges for set-up, supervision, equipment, space or other fees depending on the scope and nature of the event. Special cleaning or damage fees may be incurred. Review the space reservation confirmation and or invoice for details.
  • Ongoing Reservations: The maximum number of times an organization or department may reserve a meeting room for "ongoing, week-to-week use" is three times per week. University Center staff reserves the right to change ongoing reservations room assignments in the event unforeseen circumstances. University Center Staff will work with groups involved to find an equal/better space and generally will not move a reservation without prior notice. Changes to ongoing reservation room assignments will be made without consideration of the content or viewpoint of the expression involved in the ongoing reservation event. 
  • Order food: If food and beverages are being ordered from Chartwells for the event, contact the Catering Manager and view your various catering options Note: Recognized student organizations are allowed to provide pre-packaged and/or prepared and delivered food (no homemade items) and non-alcoholic beverages in connection with authorized meetings or events held in the University Center as long as the total value does not exceed $100. (plan to provide receipts for UC Building Manager review at your meeting or event)
  • Receive & review confirmation: The Reservations Office will confirm all reservations via e-mail.  Each confirmation will include audio/visual/technical needs and room set-up information. Note: Reservations confirmations will include prices listed as estimates and you will be billed the actual amount approximately two weeks after the event takes place. It is your responsibility to determine if the facility reservation is correct and complete.  

Reserving Large Spaces for an Event
If you are holding a large scale event and would like to reserve large indoor or outdoor spaces on campus please be sure to follow the steps below.

Riverside Ballroom, Falcon's Nest - Request space using one of the methods listed above a minimum of 90 days prior to your event date.  

  1. The room reservation will remain tentative status until the group meets with Reservations staff to discuss and finalize event details.  Reservations finalized details must be received at least 30 days prior to the event date.
  2. Reservations will confirm all reservation requests and send out confirmations via e-mail.  Please review all confirmations to ensure all details are correct.  

Outdoor Spaces

  1. Submit a request at least three days prior to your event date by e-mailing Reservations or submitting the BPLogix web form here.
  2. Once you receive the final confirmation, review it and ensure all details are correct.  Contact Reservations regarding any errors or questions.
  3. Please read the informational sign posted at each of the UWRF bon-fire pits to ensure a safe event.

Graphic Help: Did you know, we have a marketing and graphic department which can support your organization?
Click Here for the UWRF Student Organization Marketing Info Sheet.

Request graphics help by completing this form.

There are several different ways that your student organization can advertise, recruit, and market at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  Regardless of the type all advertising must include the following information: 
•    Name of the organization
•    Date(s) of the event
•    Contact information/location 
Prohibited: The following is not allowed on student organization advertisements.
•    Use of profanity or implications of sexual, racial, or other harassment
•    Promoting the use of alcohol or other drugs
•    Hateful and/or degrading language
Restrictions: If you plan to use the University name or any UWRF logo while advertising please review the UWRF Licensing Page or reach out to University Communications and Marketing
Below are some of the ways you can get the word out about your student organization.  If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

Utilize the “big TV screens” in the UC and put your graphic up on digital signage by using this form. For a list of posting guidelines, see the building amenities page. If questions, email

Marketing and Graphics can help student organizations with the creation of posters. Additionally, when hanging posters be sure to follow the regulations below:

Residence Halls

All materials posted in the Residence Halls must be no larger than 11"x17".  Bring 11 copies of your organization's poster to the Residence Life Office in the basement of Hathorn Hall for approval.  Promotional materials will be then posted by Residence Life staff on a space-available basis. Students and/or student organizations cannot hang posters in the Residence Halls without prior approval.

Academic Buildings

Bulletin boards that are not labeled for a specific department are available for University-related postings.  Each specific college has different posting procedures.  Please visit the Dean's or department office in each college prior to hanging posters in the academic buildings.

University Center

The University Center has a several public posting areas near and around the Involvement Center.  Any student organization may post their materials in these areas.  Additionally, the Involvement Center calendar is open for student organizations to post events. Postings on the calendar must meet the guidelines below:

  • Be no larger than 11"x17" in size. 
  • Must be a one time event (no weekly meetings).
  • The event must be open to all students.

TABLE TENTS (4x6) cards placed in the plastic table tent holders throughout the UC. Can also be used as a small handout to promote your event. Space for tents reserved via the UCM Marketing & Graphics Department. 

If there are any questions regarding posting in the University Center please visit the Office of Student Involvement or the Information Desk for assistance.

Vendor tables are a great way to market an event or recruit membership to your student organization, they can be used to:

  • Sell tickets to upcoming events
  • Sell organization apparel
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Market and recruit for your student organization 

Event space, meeting space, or vendor table space reservations requests can be made in a variety of different ways.  A Recognized Student Organization officer may log into the space scheduling software and enter space requests directly into the system.Anyone in a Recognized Student Organization may fill out the space use request form here Please e-mail for any questions about space use on campus or stop by in person at the University Center Information desk to talk to a Reservations coordinator. When tabling follow the solicitation policy of the University Center listed below:

Group are not allow to approach students or others using University Center facilities.  This applies to material for sale, materials being given away (handed out), and verbal conversations aimed at persuading students to a particular point-of-view.

If you have questions regarding this policy please contact the Office of Student Involvement or the University Center Building Manager.

Residence Life tabling policy:

Designated members of approved campus organizations may utilize hall main lobbies to present their viewpoints by discussion or materials following approval by the Department of Residence Life.  A member of the organization must be present at the table while the materials are being distributed.  Recognized student organizations may reserved lounges in specific residence halls for informational meetings, candidate meetings, or presentations.  Questions can be directed to the Department of Residence Life.

Please note that solicitation in the residence halls is not permitted. 

Chalking is a great way to promote your event to students navigating campus.  All chalking must be appropriate in content and include the name of the organization, date(s) of event, and contact information and/or location.  Chalk can be checked out from the University Center Information Desk.

Please note chalking is only permitted in designated areas on campus.  The designated area is on the main campus mall extending from Third Street to Sixth Street.  Any chalking done outside of approved areas will be removed and the organization(s)/individual(s) responsible may face disciplinary sanctions.  The graphic and notes below further explain where acceptable chalking can occur.


  • Chalking is NOT allowed on the sides of the patio entrances to the University Center
  • Chalking is NOT allowed on the patios of the University Center.
  • Chalking is NOT allowed on the side wall face of the University Center.

The timeline below should be used as a guide to help your student organization plan and execute large scale events.  Please note that the timeline might have to be varied depending on the scale and scope of the event.  If you have any questions regarding event planning please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

90 Days before the event:

60 Days before the event:

  • Develop a marketing plan for your event.
  • Using vendor tables to market your event? Schedule promo/vendor tables with Reservations.
  • Meet with Marketing and Graphics in the Involvement Center to design promotional materials.

30 Days before the event:

  • If you plan to seek funds for your event from Student Senate, submit a funding request a minimum of 30 days before the event.
  • Finalize all event details with Reservations.
  • Serving food at your event? Order food from Chartwells Catering.
  • Print promotional products through Fast Copy.
  • Submit public performance rights to Reservations if you are showing a movie.

15 Days before the event:

  • Determine volunteer needs and create a sign up.
  • Confirm any food orders through Chartwells Catering.
  • Distribute advertising to public posting locations on campus.
  • Send detailed script and instruction to Production Services if more than one act is performing.

Week of Event:

  • Confirm facility set-up with Reservations.
  • Confirm any production needs with Production Services.
  • Create Day-of-Event Itinerary.
  • On the day of the event check-in and check-out with the University Center Building manager or appropriate contact.

RSO Attendance Tracking

Event and meeting attendace tracking is optional.  If you would like to track attendance using the MyOrgs attendance tracking app, find the "how to" here: Virtual Attendance Guide (


If your organization plans to travel to a location off-campus (outside of Pierce or St. Croix counties) there are a few things you should know:

  • Student organizations are generally not considered on “university business” when traveling and are most often only covered by a students’ personal insurance 
  • Register your off-campus event or meeting here:
  • Transportation funding or reimbursement: If being reimbursed for transportation costs, it must come from another funding source and cannot come from an “Annual Budget” or “Single Event Funding” via the Finance committee (FC). FC no longer covers “transportation” funding of any kind.
  • Personal Vehicles: You may choose to use a member’s personal vehicle to travel to your destination. Please note that when using your personal vehicle you are only covered by your personal insurance.
  • When using a personal vehicle please
  • visit


  • Rental Vehicles or UW-River Falls Fleet Vehicles: Students must be agents of the university to be eligible to drive a UW-River Falls Fleet vehicle or rent under the business use contract. To be an agent of the university, you must have three things:
    • Travel purpose must be related to an academic course, degree, or professional certification
    • Co-sponsored event with the University
    • Under the direction and control of University

To rent a vehicle or schedule a fleet vehicle you must:

  • Have an approved Vehicle Use Agreement on file
  • Have written Authorization from faculty or management stating the University business for the use
  • You must remain in the scope of "university business" while driving the vehicle
  • See the UW system policy for specific examples of when you may or may not be an agent of the University. Not being an agent will require students to take the insurance for coverage in a rental vehicle or be responsible for any collision, comprehensive and/or liability damages . UW-River Falls fleet use is prohibited for non-business use.

    All Students driving a fleet vehicle or rental vehicle must review Policy SYS 616:

    University of Wisconsin Student Drivers Under the State’s Liability Protection | UW Policies



  • Airfare: If your organization is interested in airfare, please note that you must purchase it through the University. For any questions, please email

If your organization is bringing a performer, speaker, or service provider to campus and is planning to pay them, a contract will need to be created.  Contracts ensure that an agreement is made between the guest and the University regarding payment, liability, and service details.  A member of the student organization will need to create a Purchase Request, by going to your MyOrgs portal, click “Finance” from the left dropdown menu, click “Create Request,” and then click “Create Purchase Request.”  This form will also provide a link to complete a “Pre-Contract Worksheet.” Please do this at least 30 days prior to the event.  This form will have all the information the Student Involvement Budget Coordinator needs to create a contract.

If your student organization is bringing a performer, speaker, or service provider and is not paying them the volunteer must fill out the Volunteer Agreement Form.

This form will have all the information the Student Involvement Budget Coordinator will need to begin the contract process and request the payment. Most faculty and staff on campus are not authorized as Delegated Authorities to sign contracts (including agreements, memorandums of understanding, purchase orders, memorandums of agreement, etc.) Therefore, the Director of the University Center must sign contracts for student organizations.

Providing food at your Student Organzation meeting:

If you are meeting in the University Center, here are the University Center guidelines per the University Center Policy and Procedure manual:

  • Recognized student organizations will be allowed to provide pre-packaged and/or prepared and delivered food (no homemade items) and non-alcoholic beverages in connection with authorized meetings and events held in the University Center as long as the total value does not exceed $100.
  • If the total value exceeds $100, the Recognized Student Organization is required to cater the event through the food service contractor via
  • If you are not meeting in the University Center, you will need to follow the food policy/procedures for whatever building or space you’re meeting in. If you are unsure of the building's policies, please check with the academic department associated with the room in which you're meeting.


Selling food as part of a fundraiser for your Student Organization:

Food stands are frequently used by UWRF student organizations.  While this is an effective fundraising activity it is very important that your organization know and follow proper processes and procedures related to food stands.  Please thoroughly review the process below to ensure a successful food stand!

  • Step 1: In order to host a temporary food stand, one organization representative must take and pass the Food Stand Quiz with a score of at least 90% one time per year.  This representative is expected to then provide guidance to other members who prepare and/or staff the food stand.  
  • Step 2: Complete the Food Stand Application. This application must be filled out by the person who took and passed the Food Safety Quiz and must be submitted at least 14 days before the food stand.  Organizations are limited to three food stands per year.  If you are wishing to have more than three food stands per year, your organization must work with Pierce County Public Health to obtain a Temporary Food Stand Permit.
  • Step 3: Once the Food Stand Application is submitted the Office of Student Involvement will review the application.  Please note a lack of detailed answers may result in denial of the application.  The Office of Student Involvement will then notify the student organization if their application has been approved or denied.  If the application is approved, a copy of the Food Stand Application will be e-mailed to the president of the hosting student organization.  If the food being served is required to maintain a specific temperature, a Food Temperature Recording Chart will also be e-mailed to you.
  • Step 4: Pick up a food safety kit from the Information Desk located in the University Center on the day of the food stand.  Additionally, the Food Stand Application must be on display at all times during the food stand.
  • Step 5: The Food Temperature Recording Chart must be completed and turned back in to the University Center Campus Information Desk within 14 academic days after the completion of the food stand.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of food stand privileges for your organization for one year.

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