Leadership Development

  "You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself." —Gene Mauch


Learn. Experience. Act. Develop.

LEAD (Learn. Experience. Act. Develop.) is a first-year leadership program on campus for students interested in exploring their leadership potential, as well as making a positive social change in their community, whether on campus or off.

Once admitted into LEAD, participants will be given the chance to explore their strengths, values, and ideas about leadership in a new way that will prepare them for an ongoing service project in which they as a group will create and facilitate. Meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 6 pm from mid November-April.

LEAD is a great opportunity to discover ways to get involved on campus. The first 40 first year students to complete and submit their application will be admitted into the program. The participants will then be split into two groups of 20 to create a more productive learning environment.

LEAD is facilitated by Leadership Interns, Student Involvement staff, Residence Life Residence Assistants and Resident Life staff. During each session students will gain a unique perspective into their values, strengths, and goals. Participants will be required to attend the LEAD Retreat on November 11-13, and weekly meetings on Wednesdays starting at 6 p.m.

Why Participate in LEAD?

LEAD  is all about you!

You can earn a co-curricular leadership certificate

You  can meet other first year students on campus looking to make positive change at UWRF

Intent Forms:

Please fill out an Online Intent Form to ensure your spot in LEAD.

Online Intent Form:


There are limited spots available in this program. Completed intent forms will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first 40 first year students will be admitted into the program and then split into two separate cohorts.




All events will take place in the Lydecker Living Learning Center