About Us

Mission and Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Involvement at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls fosters student success through inclusive and empowering learning experiences designed to promote social connection, community involvement and self-authorship.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes developed by the Office of Student Involvement is an expression of what we plan for students to gain as a result of becoming engaged in the opportunities we provide.  The learning outcomes are used by our staff as a guiding document in the development, implementation, and evaluation of all involvement opportunities offered by our office.  We believe students learn a great deal through out of class experiences and that this learning contributes directly to the overall academic mission of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  Click the link above to discover what we hope you will gain through your involvement outside of the classroom!

[learning is] "a complex, holistic, multicentric activity that occurs throughout and across the college experience".

from Learning Reconsidered (American College Personnel Association and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, 2004).